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summary Cary Stayner (True Crime by Evil Killers #4) ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ù While some would say that American serial killer Cary Stayner was influenced by family tragedy – his already troubled family was shattered when his brother was abducted for seven years and held as a sex slave beforeLp kids become stewards of the land she loved made that fatal mistake before they were savagely sadistically murderedThe biography of serial killer Cary Stayner and his psychopathic crime spree leaves spine tingling chills because as far as the outside world was concerned he was a fairly normal guy who found himself uncontrollably compelled to killStayner has been on death row in California’s famed San uentin for than 10 years but for the families of his victims no punishment is just enough to make up for the vibrant lives Stayner took making him one of the most depraved American serial killers in contemporary histo. A lot of infoI have read other books by Jack Rosewood and just like his other books this book has a lot of info in it If you like true crime books you need to read this one

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And in the annals of historical serial killers Stayner’s story stands out because for months he made one of the most beautiful places on earth a nightmare for women when California’s majestic Yosemite National Park became his own devil’s playground and he finally found himself unable to control his long suppressed urgesBecause he didn’t look menacing the man one FBI agent compared to actor Tom Laughlin in “Billy Jack” was able to gain the trust of his victims and three vacationing women who were staying at the lodge where he lived and worked during the busy tourist season and a nature loving teacher who he. Just An Ordinary Good Looking Guy Who would Suspect HimThis is a true story about the serial killer Cary Anthony Stayner born in Merced California the gateway to Yosemite Park He was raised with three sisters and younger brother Steven Cary got good grades in school and played baseball after school with the community team Early in his life he had bouts of obsessive compulsion disorder Psychiatric illnesses plagued his family history for two generations He also suffered childhood trauma when Steven in 1972 was kidnapped by convicted pedophile Kenneth Parnell who kept him for seven years posing as his new dad While the whole family focused on the missing boy it was like Cary didn't exist Again when Steven was returned home not only his family engulfed him but the news reporters magazine editors and local news Again Cary was swept aside Cary had a troubled mind even as a young 7 year old who for than a decade fantasized about killing women Just before a TV mini series was released about Steven's kidnapping Cary becomes a cold blooded killer This is a very well written documentary which is very riveting There are many uotes from family members detectives working on the case reporters and those who personally knew Cary as well as Cary himself It's amazing how those who knew Cary thought he was just an ordinary nice guy One never really knows another Highly recommend this short read

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Cary Stayner True Crime by Evil Killers #4While some would say that American serial killer Cary Stayner was influenced by family tragedy – his already troubled family was shattered when his brother was abducted for seven years and held as a sex slave before his heroic return inspired the miniseries “I Know My First Name Is Steven” – in reality Cary Stayner’s true crime story is much ominousThe handsome outdoorsy guy with a love for marijuana nude beaches and the Sierra Nevada mountain range where he once spotted Bigfoot had been harboring fantasies of brutally killing women years before his brother’s abduction turned the Stayner family upside down. This was a great true crime bookThis was the first time that I had read anything by this author and I was impressed with his writing style I have never heard of this killer before and he was supposedly a normal person Cary Stayner had everyone around him fooled letting them think he was normal until he went on his killing spree sending shock waves through the community where he lived This is definitely a five star read and I will be adding this author to my true crime authors