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Free download Coltrain's Proposal ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Dr Louise Blakely didn't want to love Jeb Coltrain They were supposed to be partners running the Jacobsville medical clinic together but instead he treated her like the enemy And yet when Lou tells Jeb that she's leaving he shocks her by proposiTed to get to know Lou to let down his guard to her warmth and caring and everything changed After so many years of conflict can he prove to Lou that his love is rea. Doctors in LoveTHE STORY Dr Louise Lou Blakely and Dr Jebediah Copper Coltrain have been partners in the Jacobsville medical clinic for almost a year Despite the fact that he hired her however Copper has treated Lou as an outcast She finally has had enough and has decided to leave but Copper shocks her by refusing to allow her to resign and instead wants them to get married OPINION I liked this book especially because of the professional relationship between Lou and Coltrain The ins and outs of their medical practice brought a smile to me as they struggled with their relationship This story also was lighter and sweeter than I expected as the two discover what they have in common There are typical misunderstandings that threaten their relationship but these characters were interesting and I ended up liking them bothWORTH MENTIONING Palmer often has heroes with deep insecurities that cause them to reject the heroines This book is typical in that respectFINAL DECISION I enjoyed this book While Copper is a jerk to Lou especially at the beginning the story was also at times funny and sweet as to two find out they are a perfect match for one anotherCONNECTED BOOKS COLTRAIN'S PROPOSAL is the fourteenth book in the Long Tall Texans series but can definitely be read as a standalone A secondary character Drew Morris is also the hero of one of the novellas in THE LONG TALL TEXANS SUMMERSTAR RATING I give this book 425 stars

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Dr Louise Blakely didn't want to love Jeb Coltrain They were supposed to be partners running the Jacobsville medical clinic together but instead he treated her like. So finally I read the doctors' book They have been in and out of all Jacobsville books doing the doctoring birthing for the residents and mooning over each other doing itOnly the last book I read the preuel with Jane apparently Dr Jeb Coltrain's unreuited shows him being snappy and mean to his new assistant Dr Lou Blakely our hWith spoilers He apparently had bad blood with her father and so hates her by association He's mean he's cruel he's verbally abusive and he humiliates her publicly So it was happy me who began this book only for him to become thoughtful and mild and conciliatory pretty soon That was a letdown so early in the book and so unlike a DP H But anyways there other ways to hurt and confound a hThrow in an arrogant and insensitive 'I know you are in love with me' Offer something less than the whole and roll in the paradeThe way the ow kept popping out of the woodwork and the past the h barely got time to take a steadying breath He meanwhile kissed dined and gave them lovelorn looks respectively Speak of complications But all's not lost and he's not a complete jerk ow wise And I loved the way the h took on each of them and sent them scurrying No she doesn't chase him that's his job He just needed the memo that time's a wasting and the way to reassure a woman is to give her the words you idiot Saves time all aroundThe second time proposal is sappy sweet complete with heart in two key chains Okay I'm regressing to teenage fantasies but I loved it and so is the ending Oh and these two share a passion for toy trains so they are the Col trains now Hahaha If you don't find that funny hear what he's heard telling the others at the end about their train sets 'Hers is bigger than mine' Any wonder people were 'choking' and 'howling'

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Coltrain's ProposalThe enemy And yet when Lou tells Jeb that she's leaving he shocks her by proposingIt wouldn't be a real marriage of courseat least that was Jeb's intent Then he star. I’ve wanted to read this one for a long time because these MC’s pop up ALL the time since someone’s always being kidnapped injured or accidentally impregnated I didn’t remember until I was already in deep that I HATED the h from That Burke Man and realized this story is related FYI I noticed I never wrote a review but I’m not re reading Jane Parker rivals Tippy on my “least fav” of all time lists and shocker she’s just as annoying and self centered this time around I know DP likes to use this plot device but I can’t stand these ex heroines that still reach outstay friendscome around when they know the H is hung up on them In the end it all works out but it’s a long and tedious journeyBottom Line I found this one boring as hell and not even two three potential OW’s could spruce this up enough for me to enjoy it I did appreciate his flaming red hair and had fun imaging her running her fingers through his red roughened chest You don’t get that very often 😊