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Download ´ The Lies We Tell The Four #1 104 ↠ Starting over after my father’s sudden death was bad enough but the four boys who rule Alstone College my new university are determined to make my life even difficult One in particular Caiden Cavendish My nightmare My shadow My stepbrother My dad’s death was an accident Lie My life isnBring mayhem to my life Lie I don’t want Caiden Cavendish Lie Lies Lies Lies Eeny meeny miny mo The Four are coming for you Snow Note This book is not a standalo. Holy Hell What the fuck Becca Steele left me speechless Well that’s a lie she left me needing to yell at her for answers and shout from the roof tops how amazing this book isThe Lies We Tell is absolutely phenomenal Becca Steele delivers an amazing book that is sure to be a top read and absolutely sets a high standard for any other reads this yearCaiden is a sexy as sin hot as hell alpha who leaves me needing of him But all of the four are hot sexy and wicked Winter is a badass h who I couldn’t help but love She doesn’t let the four intimidate herEverything about The Lies We Tell left me needing and was perfect Becca Steele stepped out of her comfort zone and delivered a phenomenal book From start to finished and even after I was hookedI love everything about this book I needier of Caiden and Winter and the four And if the entire book wasn’t enough to have you needing that ending Steele ends the book with a bang and a cliffhanger that had me yelling at her

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Starting over after my father’s sudden death was bad enough but the four boys who rule Alstone College my new university are determined to make my life even diff. 45Was there even a uestion of if you would see a review from me for The Lies We Tell I had never read anything from this author before but when this book was brought to my attention there was no way I could pass it up The blurb practically screams my name A group of hot rich guys known as The Four that rule the school college attempt to make Winter's life hell for reasons unbeknownst to her They warn her insult her key her car and follow her around wherever she goes but it's not long before she discovers that not all of The Four have such strong animosity towards her Some of them even seem to kind of like her Caiden Cavendish isn't one of them He hates every breath she takes and he has his reasons Winter doesn't understand his hatred any than she understands her insane attraction to him They have intense chemistry that's undeniable and you know how the saying goes There's a thin line between love and hate  Becca Steele did such a great job with The Four Each member has such a distinct personality that you will have no problem distinguishing one from the other You won't have any trouble falling in love with any of them either Caiden may be a bit of an asshole but he always has his loved ones well being in mind  Underneath his hardened alpha male exterior lies a big soft heart It makes you just want to kick him in the dick and then hug the fuck out of him The fact that he's gorgeous and sculpted like a greek god doesn't hurt anything either Weston is the youngest of the group and Caiden's younger brother He's a tech genius that the guys couldn't live without Their whole operation depends on his skill He's the most welcoming to Winter in the beginning and they form an adorable brothersister relationship almost from the start Cassius is like a big hot manwhore teddy bear He's the comic relief in the story for sure Despite his slutty ways he's by far the most endearing of the four I loved the way he was with Winter throughout the story and I can't wait to see the right woman tame his horny little ass Zayde is the most mysterious of the group He's the definition of a bad boy with his tattoos motorcycle and danger practically radiating off of him He doesn't say much but when he does everyone pays attention If you're anything like me he will have you intrigued from the second he's introduced The loyalty these men have for one another and the bond they share is everything They are the number one reason you need to read this book Hands down Sure there is mystery suspense violence and possibly murder but these guys are THE BEST THING about this book I can't conclude my review without saying a little something about Winter I gushed over the guys so it only seems right Lol Winter is a character that I sympathized with right away Losing your father in such a horrific and sudden way is bad enough but knowing your mother that basically abandoned you probably had something to do with it is next level awful She may have needed to be slapped in the head a couple of times but overall she's a tough cookie that is ready to go to the ends of the earth to get justice for her dad and that makes her pretty fucking awesome in my book In case you can't tell The Lies We Tell by Becca Steele was a hit for me If you're a bully romance or academy fan there is no way you should pass this one up The characters are amazing and the story is intriguing and full of steam and action with a big cliffhanger cherry on top Put it on your tbr asap

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The Lies We Tell The Four #1Icult One in particular Caiden Cavendish My nightmare My shadow My stepbrother My dad’s death was an accident Lie My life isn’t in danger Lie The Four won’t. Eeny Meeny Miny Mo The Four are coming for you Snow”'The Lies We Tell' is the first book in 'The Four' series by Becca SteeleThis is a college step brother romance with so many so many twists and turns that is all a part of a big game I mean I even considered skipping writing this review and starting the next book but here we areOkay so I know I've read the first book in this series before so the cliff hanger shouldn't bother me so much but it does cuz I don't remember the story like at all ME2Anyways in this book we meet 'the four' Caiden Zayde Weston Cassius and Winter or snowflake as they call her The Four Caiden the alpha He is the hot step brother who is all broody and can't make up his mind about snowflake Weston the brains He is the youngest of them all and is also Caiden's brother He is the brains of the operations and surprised the hell out of me at timesCassius the funoutgoing guy He is charming in a 'Prince Charming' kinda way but don't let his appearance fool you cuz he can be menacing when he wanted to beZayde the bad boy Zayde oh Z what can I say With your motorcycle and tattoos you even had my kindle melting He gives off major serial killer vibes but I suspect he has a big heart under the hard exterior ❖❖❖❖❖Then there is Winter she comes to live with her Mom and her new husband after her Dad dies The guys think she's her mother's daughter and is going to cause trouble so they start bullying and threatening but are surprised to find out that Winter suspects her mom to be behind her dad's mother and is here to investigate Becca Steele is an amazing author and had me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next bomb to drop Needless to say I'm gonna go run and pick up the next book as soon as I'm done with this review and I honestly can't wait to find out where this story takes us