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The Once and Future WitchesN the Eastwood sisters James Juniper Agnes Amaranth and Beatrice Belladonna join the suffragists of New Salem they begin to pursue the forgotten words and ways that might turn the women's movement into the witch's movement Stalked by shadows and sickness hu. ARC provided by the publisher—Orbit—in exchange for an honest review355 starsSimilar to The Ten Thousand Doors of January The Once and Future Witches will be a big hit among many readersNot even a year has passed since its first publication and The Ten Thousand Doors of January already has 333k ratings and 67k reviews on Goodreads For those who don’t pay attention to how the number of Goodreads ratingreviews counts to the popularity and general reception of a specific book believe me when I say that Harrow has achieved something incredible with her debut at an astonishing rate I’m confident that the feminist story told in The Once and Future Witches will also appeal to many readers This however doesn’t mean that the content of this novel is similar to The Ten Thousand Doors of January The Once and Future Witches did retain some of the “love for stories” element in Harrow’s debut but this is at its core a story about sisterhood justice and fighting for woman’s rights “Association has battled for decades to afford women the same respect and legal rights enjoyed by men It is a battle we are losing the American public still sees women as housewives at best and witches at worst We may be either beloved or burned but never trusted with any degree of power” The story in The Once and Future Witches takes place in the year 1893 There’s no such things as witches there used to be but witching is now a simple charm or nursery rhymes If the modern woman wants to be in control of a form of power their only choices lies at the ballot box The Eastwood sisters—Juniper Agnes Bella—are the three main characters of this story and they’re looking to transform the women’s movement into the witch’s movement while healing the broken bond between the three of them There’s no such things as witches But there will be “All of us grew up on stories of wicked witches The villages they cursed the plagues they brewed We need to show people what else we have to offer give them better stories” I do have to mention a caveat that I’m not a huge fan of witches stories; I wouldn’t say I disliked them I just don’t have a big adoration towards the story This is also why it’s safe to consider a 35 stars rating from me for this novel a high recommendation by my standard If this novel was written by a less skillful author I have a feeling I would’ve given the novel a lower rating It helped very much to my reading experience though that The Once and Future Witches was a thoroughly character driven story; the three main characters have distinctive personalities past and voices to their narration that’s easy to empathize and care for The themes of justice being discussed in the book are incredibly important in our civilization It is when the characters gathered schemed and fought for their rights and freedom while also doing their best to heal the damages in their bonds that the story excels the most; I wanted even out of them “Must a thing be bound and shelved in order to matter Some stories were never written down Some stories were passed by whisper and song mother to daughter to sister Bits and pieces were lost over the centuries I’m sure details shifted but not all of them” Unfortunately and this is going to be very subjective the pacing of the book didn’t click really well with me In the serious emotional or intense moments I was utterly gripped and compelled to read the book; the pages flew by during these sections But the slow moments which I usually love in a character driven story felt way too slow at times Despite Harrow’s continuous display of her beautifully accessible and lyrical prose within her third person present tense narrative there were sections where I had to push myself to continue because the plot seemingly fell to a complete halt for me This was especially true every time the three main characters weren’t together which—understandably—happened often than I preferred Their characterizations and developments with each other were well realized though thankfully “Her home was always witch tales and words stories into which she could escape when her own became too terrible to bear” Although the pacing in the novel didn’t fully click with me The Once and Future Witches goes to show that Harrow certainly can write great standalone novels Plus the ending was satisfying and I’m sure this is another story that will stick for a long time with many readers “She thought a survival was a selfish thing a circle drawn tight around your heart She thought the people you let inside that circle the ways the world had to hurt you the ways you could fail them and be failed in turn But what if it’s the opposite and there are people to catch you when you fall What if there’s an invisible tipping point somewhere along the way when one becomes three becomes infinite when there are so many of you inside that circle that you become hydra headed invincible” Official release date 15th October 2020 UK and 13th October 2020 USYou can order the book from UK | US | Book Depository Free shipping The uotes in this review were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publicationYou can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions Special thanks to my Patrons on Patreon for giving me extra support towards my passion for reading and reviewingMy Patrons Alfred Alya Annabeth Devin Hamad Jimmy Nutts Joie Mike Miracle Nicholas Zoe

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The Once and Future Witches characters ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ù In 1893 there's no such thing as witches There used to be in the wild dark days before the burnings began but now witching is nothing but tidy charms and nursery rhymes If the modern woman wants any measure of power she must find it at the balNted by forces who will not suffer a witch to vote and perhaps not even to live the sisters will need to delve into the oldest magics draw new alliances and heal the bond between them if they want to surviveThere's no such thing as witches But there will be. fulfilling book riot's 2020 read harder challenge task #16 Read a doorstopper over 500 pages published after 1950 written by a womanHAPPY SPOOKTOBERokay so this was a bit of a cheat on my part i knew going into it that this wasn’t going to be the most spooktobery of spooktober reads but my whole deal of “only reading horror in october” is a self imposed condition tradition and since i could justify reading this because witches are a halloween decoration staple i let my conscience be my guide because i really REALLY wanted to read it and while it was in no way scary it was scary good as much as i loved The Ten Thousand Doors of January i loved this one even it’s as beautifully written as her debut but it’s a much bigger story ambitious and rewarding it’s about three estranged sisters reuniting but it’s also about Sisterhood; about what women can accomplish when they are united in a common cause and it’s both a celebration and a triumphant battle cry of defiance and female power the worldbuilding is incredibly dense—set in alt history 1893 in the town of new salem it loops in historical elements like the suffragette movement the underground railroad the triangle shirtwaist factory fire the salem witch trials and fairytales genderswapping their authors into the sisters grimm and a female perrault harrow packs a lot into this story but every part has weight and purpose and it never feels overburdened the magical elements are handled with great restraint it’s not all presented in big dramatic showy spectacles but in small household magic cobbled together and repurposed inventively—female ingenuity making the most out of what they have; their magic hidden in plain sight in all the overlooked and underestimated domestic trappings of women’s spheres it’s a practical modest; “That’s all magic is really the space between what you have and what you need” here magic is a legacy handed down through generations what women use to compensate for what they’re not permitted to have or be or want or as she so elouently alliteratively states “witchcraft isn’t one thing but many things all the ways and words women have found to wreak their wills on the world”i’m not particularly drawn to witch stories but in order to fulfill a social anthropology reuirement my freshman year at nyu i took a history of witchcraft course that i ended up lo ving and reading this i recognized enough in the detail work to make me appreciate how much dingdang research harrow must have done i’m in no way slighting her powers of imagination but there’s a lot of history in this alt historical which takes time and effort to accumulate and skill to incorporate without it seeming clunky it is also to her credit that she included witchcraft traditions with of a global consideration than most writers drawing from the west indies and russian folklore to make a richly textured magical melting potinclusion is after all one of the big themes here historically witchcraft accusations were essentially a way for a society to rid itself of its troublesome women—to get a new wife to remove a sexual rival to punish a trollop to divest itself of the burden of the elderly midwives and others who worked in the dark arts of women’s health were also freuently targeted for all the reasons you’d expect in repressive societies nonconformists who offended the olde god fearing sensibilities could very publicly be executed as witches keeping potentially unruly women in line and harrow makes a place for them here a witchy found family of these mothers and maidens and crones these whores and abortionists and foreigners these lesbians and trans women and women who wanted from life than they were given AND SHE GIVES THEM BROOMSTICKSi love her so much four years ago i read her story The Autobiography of a Traitor and a Half Savage read it for free here giving it five stars and ending my review with the declaration “this author has just made my watch list” then last year having forgotten that vow and not recognizing the name i read both The Ten Thousand Doors of January and A Witch’s Guide to Escape A Practical Compendium of Portal Fantasies read it for free here and i gave both of THEM five stars and that’s pretty rare for me a five star book means it hit me and lodged in my brainheart going into this one i was apprehensive because the early reviews ranged from disappointed to baffled but that was not at all my own experience—this one hit me hard with its characters and lodged in my brainheart but good with its breathtaking prose and its layers and layers of build and so many great lines i'm a filthy page folder and even though i didn't want to dog ear this one at first because it is so beautiful and also because it’s so hard to find a pagefold in a deckle edged book eventually i couldn't help myself and i regret nothing she has an as yet untitled book coming out in 2021 and i cannot wait this is of a note to self but feel free to peer over my shoulder the whole time i was reading this i was picturing bella as daisy from Giant Days Vol 1and as i was writing this review today i realized that confident messy impulsive esther would make a fine juniper tho she's no maidenwhile fierce independent and protective susan is very much team agnes in short witchesthis beauty just arrived at my HOME and i'm stuck looking at it longingly for at least a week before i'll have time to dive in ggrrrrrrrrri can't breathe with that cover i big need thiscome to my blog

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In 1893 there's no such thing as witches There used to be in the wild dark days before the burnings began but now witching is nothing but tidy charms and nursery rhymes If the modern woman wants any measure of power she must find it at the ballot boxBut whe. Alix E Harrow replicates the wondrous magic of The Ten Thousand Doors of January which I adored in this character driven feminist adventure story in this fierce and beautiful homage to the power of women in all their forms including the three female archetypes represented by the Eastwood sisters the mother the maiden and the crone It is a time where the power of the history of witches and witchcraft has been diminished to virtually nothing existing only in the below the radar voices and rhymes It is 1893 the Eastwood sisters were once close but splintered apart and estranged for many years suffering at the hands of their abusive father only to meet and be drawn together once again at a suffragette rally at St George's Suare in New Salem bringing their considerable strengths to join the fight for women's right to vote The three sisters are different and distinct characters in their own right Beatrice Belladonna is the eldest Agnes Amarath and the youngest James Juniper have to face their personal history of pain and sorrow and in order to deploy magic in the coming battle ahead they will need the will the words and the way recovering the history and power of witchcraft to challenge the rule and domination of men This is going to be no easy task there are the widespread fears and divisions in the community and other obstacles on the dangerous path to changing and breaking the existing power structures that divide discriminate and disempower and there is a ruthless and menacing force that must be defeated too In a twisted magical narrative hope unity and support is needed and sought amongst other marginalised sectors such as the black and LBT communitiesHarrow's prose is lyrical in her gripping compulsive and spellbinding storytelling and her world building is stellar I found myself totally immersed and caught up in the wide range of diverse characters rooting for the sisters and their allies One of the best things about the novel is how it echoes so many of our contemporary realities in the modern world and the issues that divide us it is a thought provoking read on gender women's rights race homophobia sexuality survival feminism and This is a brilliant read that for me felt so meaningful and captured my imagination I loved all the Eastwood sisters having to give up everything in order to gain the possibility of gaining everything Simply wonderful and highly recommended Many thanks to Little Brown for an ARC