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download µ eBook or Kindle ePUB Á Elizabeth Janeway Isbn 9780394848853 format Paperback and others. Read this with the kids for school Ages 4 12 all enjoyed it Interesting story of Leif Erickson and his life and journey to the American continent

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The Vikings review Á 103 ´ Amazing Ebook, The Vikings author Elizabeth Janeway This is the best favorite book 160 pages isbn 9780394848853 format Paperback and others Amazing Ebook The Vikings author Elizabeth Jan. I read this to my son for our history I am always a bit concerned with old books that there will be a lot of historical inaccuracies I am no expert on Vikings so there could have been errors but it didn't seem like it It was well written and my rather picky 10 yo really liked it The only thing I didn't like was referring to Native Americans or First Tribe as Savages but since this was a read a loud I could stop and we could discuss how this is not an accurate term etc Otherwise I would recommend

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The VikingsEway This is the best favorite book 160 pages. We read this as part of our Early American History study I read it aloud to my children and it kept everyone’s attention It is a fictionalized biography about Eric the Red and Leif Erikson Be sure to read the introduction as it shares what comes from true accounts and what is fictionalized Even though some is fictionalized they are based on historical accounts from the time It was very well done and full of great language and vocabulary