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Twilight of American Sanity Summary ´ 108 ☆ A landmark book from “one of the world’s most prominent psychiatrists” The Atlantic June 2017 Eminent psychiatrist Allen Frances analyzes the national psyche viewing the rise of Donald J Trump as darkly symptomatic of a deeper societal distress Eually challenging and profound Twlilight ofA landmark book from “one of the world’s most prominent psychiatrists” The Atlantic June 2017 Eminent psychiatrist Allen Frances analyzes the national psyche viewing the rise of Donald J Trump as darkly symptomatic of a deeper societal distress Eually challenging and profound Twlilight of American Sanity makes sense of our time and charts the way forwardIt is comforting to see President Donald Trump as a crazy man a one off an exception not a reflection on us or our democracy But in ways I never anticipated his rise was absolutely predictable and a mirror on our soul What does it say about us that we elected someone so manifestly unfit and unprepared to determine mankind’s future Trump is a symptom of a world in distress not i. 35 stars The subtitle of this book “A Psychiatrist Analyzes the Age of Trump” undersells the author Frances oversaw the compilation of the DSM IV and literally wrote the textbook definition for “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” But this book isn’t about diagnosing Trump; it’s about diagnosing the societal delusions in the United States that lead to his election According to Frances Trump doesn’t have Narcissistic Personality Disorder While he certainly has all the traits so do many celebrities But the disorder is characterized by a breakdown of a person’s life and personal connections Trump if anything thrives on his narcissistic traits They are the very reason for his success This just makes him uite simply a major asshole Neither does Frances believe that Trump is delusional If 40% of the population buys into it these are no longer personal delusions but societal flaws Trump is not mentally ill according to Frances but a large segment of the United States suffers from communal delusions that gave rise to Trump and which he continues to dangerously stokeFrances goes on to list certain social delusions in the US in an attempt to understand why we reached this stage and how we might break free He remains optimistic thinking that we are only in a temporary moment of mass delusion a spell that will soon breakFrances’ perspective is rational well informed and liberal The problem I had with the book a problem that Frances even brings up in passing as a criticism that his wife had is that he appears to be preaching to the converted I agreed wholeheartedly with just about every observation critiue and solution he offered While you might think that would lead me to give this a five star review I had been hoping for a new perspective or greater insight In other words tell me something I don't already know Beyond the first few pages about his non diagnosis of Trump I found myself just reading what I already understood to be a true and accurate depiction of America in 2017 although admittedly even that is something to be celebrated in an era of alternative facts In short the audience for this book already understands everything Frances writes Everyone else ie Trump supporters wouldn’t be convinced of Frances’ solutions precisely because of their distorted ideology And so this book stands as a clear insightful easy to follow breakdown of the Trump Age but adds nothing new for those of us who already understood the delusions that lead to Trump’s election and likely will not convert or convince the Trump acolytes assuming they would even read it Frances has the rather idealistic hope that his book might just have the power to convince them I think than anything this is a book for future generations to understand the collective psyche of the nation in 2017 Unfortunately for readers in 2017 it feels like the work of another goodhearted idealistic liberal of which I count myself speaking rationally into the void I wish I had Frances' optimism to think otherwise

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Lective slide away from sanity and offers an urgently needed prescription for reclaiming our bearings Widely cited in recent months as the man who uite literally wrote the diagnostic criteria for narcissism Allen Frances MD has been at the center of the debate surrounding President Trump’s mental state uoted in Evan Osnos’s May 2017 New Yorker article “How Trump Could Get Fired” and publishing a much shared opinion letter in the New York Times “An Eminent Psychiatrist Demurs on Trump’s Mental State” Frances argues that Trump is bad not mad and that the real uestion to wrestle with is how we as a country could have chosen him as our leader Twilight of American Sanity is an essential work for understanding our national crisi. Trump is not mad but our society ismy translationInterview in Portuguese view Allen Frances should have stated his present political affiliation; midterm elections are just around the corner He should have been asked about the work Mad Politics Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy by Gina Loudon And as he uses the expression Democracy dies in apathy it sounds like WaPo terminologyslogan Ah he should have elaborated a bit on the Goldwater RuleUPDATENow Allen Frances suggests Trump is a monster well worse than Mao Hitler and Stalin Gee

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Twilight of American SanityTs sole cause Blaming him for all our troubles misses the deeper underlying societal sickness that made possible his unlikely ascent Calling Trump crazy allows us to avoid confronting the craziness in our society if we want to get sane we must first gain insight about ourselves Simply put Trump isn’t crazy but our society is – from TWILIGHT OF AMERICAN SANITYMore than three years in the making the world's leading expert on psychiatric diagnosis past leader of the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM “the bible of psychology” and author of the influential international bestseller on the medicalization of ordinary life Saving Normal draws upon his vast experience to deliver a powerful critiue of modern American society’s col. Addresses the issue with trying to paint Trump as having a clinical mental disorder in the first pages of the book to put that argument to bed as a futile effort that does nothing to help the situation and harms the view of those who are truly battling mental disorders The Author builds the case of a society plagued by societal delusion refusing to address the giant issues facing our world of global warming racial euality resource scarcity imperial ambitions erosion of privacy gun control and on and on Trump is a symptom of the societal delusion rather than the cause of our dilemma He is certainly causing untold damage due to being the seriously flawed individual he is but that we as a society thrust him into such a critical role to the future of our society and the world in general is the deeply melancholy concern The greedy are further served and the needy are further screwed It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable Charles Darwin Addresses my concern with Trump in that Trump wining isn't my concern but rather the state of our society that Trump was able to be in the position to win and seen as what we need as the POTUS to build our world for tomorrow by a larger portion of our society If you are looking on a book focusing on how incompetent Trump is Look to “Trump Revealed” or other such focused reads If on the other hand you want an uncomfortable unflinching look in the mirror on what is wrong with our society so that action can be taken then read on It is as powerful as anything from the pen or voice of Chomsky or Zen