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DOWNLOAD ð Prisoner of War Ö Survive the war Outlast the enemy Stay aliveThat's what Henry Forrest has to do When he lies about his age to join the Marines Henry never imagines he'll face anything worse than his own father's cruelty But his unit is shipped off to the Philippines where the heat is unbearable the conditions are brutal and Henry's dreams ofHt in the darkness And he'll need to hold tight to the hope they offer if he wants to win the fight for his country his freedom and his lifeMichael P Spradlin's latest novel tenderly explores the harsh realities of the Bataan Death March and captivity on the Pacific front during World War II. I bow to the rat that continued to find and steel Jam's cigs

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Survive the war Outlast the enemy Stay aliveThat's what Henry Forrest has to do When he lies about his age to join the Marines Henry never imagines he'll face anything worse than his own father's cruelty But his unit is shipped off to the Philippines where the heat is unbearable the conditio. The history of free men is never really written by chance but by choice their choice Dwight D EisenhowerThis story is about Henry Forrest nicknamed Tree and takes place between 1941 1945 Henry lies about his age to join the marines to escape his cruel father His unit is shipped to the Philippines first near the capital city of Manila but once the Japanese begin bombing they are forced to flee to the southern peninsula of BataanThen the Japanese invade the islands and the US forces there surrender Henry along with many others becomes a prisoner of war They are forced to march in what became known as the Bataan Death March roughly 65 miles to prison camps The march was done under harsh conditions and brutal treatment by the Japanese guardsThousands of troops are thought to have died on the march alone Henry survives and is taken by rail to the prisoner of war camps where thousands died from disease starvation and general mistreatment Despite all the brutality that Henry witnesses he also finds acts of kindness and respect from his fellow captives This story is about Henry trying to hold on to the tiny bit of hope that those acts give him if he hopes to surviveThis novel is intended for mature upper elementary readers and middle school readers My daughter who is 10 and therefore the intended audience really enjoyed this book She insisted I read it as soon as she was finished with it I think that had I read this closer to her age I would've enjoyed it a lot as well I really enjoyed that there are and age appropriate historical fictions being offered to younger readers This one focuses on a point in WW2 that you don't often hear about as much as others But for me this was a hard book to get through not because of any atrocities happening but because of the pacing and somewhat repetitive dialogue The march which is described as a focal point of this novel is somewhat glossed over The majority of this novel takes place during the soldiers captivity For all the brutality that was going on throughout I'm sure it was also toned down brutality for the younger readers the ending was just a little too smooth and happily ever after to be believable by me In the author's afterword he did go into some of the realities about what it was like for soldiers returning home after the war but the fact that it wasn't tied into the story itself left me dissatisfied by the endingThroughout the captivity and even before it everyone's dialogue just seemed very repetitive which caused me to uickly lose interest and set this aside for other reading materials Because of that it took me uite a while to finish this The last bit of the book I mainly skimmed through So would I recommend it To younger readers yes I love that my daughter reads books from multiple genres including historical fiction and I do think it's important for younger generations to learn what they can about the history of our world and the many different points in time throughout it whether they were good or bad But for adults It may not hold your interest and there are far better historical fictions out there Honestly even researching the Death March online before I began this book held my interest 3 stars


Prisoner of WarNs are brutal and Henry's dreams of careless adventuring are completely dashedThen the Japanese invade the islands and US forces there surrender As a prisoner of war Henry faces one horror after another Yet among his fellow captives he finds kindness respect even brotherhood A glimmer of lig. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineHenry has had a difficult life on the family farm in Minnesota After the death of his mother his father took up drinking and abusing him so at the age of 15 he signs up for the Marines with his grandfather vouching for his age He survives basic training and is sent to the Philippines Just as his commander is ready to send him home for being underage the Japanese attack Henry nicknamed Treealong with his friends and protectors Gunny and Jamison must try to stay alive during the bombings and when the Japanese take them prisoners Henry has some problems with anger management and makes lots of bad choices angering a guard he refers to as Scarface and getting beaten regularly He does manage to save an Australian soldier and the alliance with this group helps when Gunny is taken for uestioning Japanese prison camps were brutal and Tree ends up spending several years there The prisoners show a lot of resourcefulness when it comes to outsmarting guards obtaining medicine and food and helping each other but conditions are such that not everyone will survive There are a lot of World War II books and yet I always need for my readers who find it fascinating A lot of books set during this time period take place in Europe but there is a small number set in the Pacific theater This is an excellent addition to books such as this author's Into the Killing Seas Salisbury's The Hunt for the Bamboo Rat and Lynch's The Liberators as well as excellent nonfiction titles like Farrell's Pure Grit and Weintraub's No Better Friend I've been reading middle grade World War II fiction for twenty years and those are the only Pacific theater titles I can muster so there is a need to Spradlin's book is especially effective because it takes into account what younger readers want which is action adventure and violence with what the adults handing them the books want which is a certain depiction that war is not a great option Henry's enlistment is done out of desperation over his situation at home which was not unusual at the time While the story doesn't glorify war it does celebrate the men who banded together to help each other survive and showed the triumph of human will under impossible circumstances The other thing that young readers like is anyone undermining authority and the prisoners certainly managed to get the better of their captors on many occasions I imagine that Hogan's Heroes was wildly popular with 12 year old boys when it was on television for just this reason The historical details are rich and interesting; it had never occurred to me that the guards at the prisons camp were the less successful soliders but it makes sense The heat and humidity of the jungle the food rations or lack thereof and the historical background are all effectively portrayed and will hold up to the scrutiny of the most well informed war buff Books about war are not my favorite and Tree certainly makes a lot of choices with which I wholeheartedly disagree but Prisoner of War will get the most reluctant reader avidly turning the pages to see what fate holds for our underage protagonist