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Free download Kokopelli ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ä A guide to the ancient symbols and sites of the Southewest's most iconic imageHewest's most iconic image. A lot of good information in here including flute player images around the world though it mainly focuses on the 4 corners region of the US a guide to flute player image sites and a look at some of the common kokopelli and other flute player myths and stories An easy interesting and fun read for the kokopelli lover

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Bols and sites of the Sout. Interesting Felt like a field guide to where you could roughly look for the rock images After a while I mostly just looked at the pictures

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KokopelliA guide to the ancient sym. More engaging than it might sound The authors are geologists who've logged long hours in the canyons of the American Southwest with opportunity to study the petroglyphs and pictographs of the Anasazi ancient ancestors of today's Pueblo Indians One of the oldest and most ubiuitous of these ancient rock carvings is Kokopelli the hump backed flute player sometimes feathered and phallused is that a word He is the trader the explorer the trickster bringer of rain and seducer of young women the wild card to this day in some Native American ceremonies and dances Why do we still crave the Kokopelli figure In the markets and curio shops of the Southwest today he adorns T shirts pottery and anything with a design He may be the random elements that allows everything else to make sense Since he dates back over 1000 years in found representations there must be some reason for him The book comes with recreations of the carvings where they were found and copious footnotes