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Lady Rises Black Rose Trilogy #2 characters ¿ 107 ã LADY RISES serves up the next relentless installment in the Black Rose Trilogy and leaves no doubt that Hell hath no fury like a woman wronged but when that woman is Raven Wells—the Devil himself would rather keep out of her wayFrom the ashes of LADY FALLS Raven Wells is transfoLADY RISES serves up the next relentless installment in the Black Rose Trilogy and leaves no doubt that Hell hath no fury like a woman wronged but when that woman is Raven Wells the Devil himself would rather keep out of her wayFrom the ashes of LADY FALLS Raven Wells is transformed into Lady Serena Wellcott Now with wealth and power all her own she is the founder of the Black Rose a secret society dedicated to securing justice for women who have been abused or wronged in the private corridors of Victorian society She has dedicated her life to revenge honing her skills at the beuest of others but biding her time until she has the two men she loathes most in this world in her sightsSir Phillip Warrick has scars of his own from their fateful encounter years befor. This book was iffy for me I wanted to like it a lot than I did because I was ready for her to be a bad bitch and take everyone down I really liked her in the beginning and was cheering her on when she was so soundly putting Phillip down in their encounters with such cool indifference I like her in the end when she was being kind of villain esue in reveal and acting rather maniacal In the middle though she kind of lost meI didn't like the woman that Serena seemed to become after she started sleeping with Phillip again I was feeling really betrayed because I came into this book hoping for some serious vengeance against Phillip and I didn't feel I was getting it She falls into bed with him within days of their reunion and I feel the way he acted with her seven years ago was practically excused because it was played as he too had suffered He's made out to be a somewhat sympathetic figure for having being drawn into Trent's schemes and throwing over the woman he loved and having to live without her for the better part of a decade I don't feel that was fair to the girl Raven or the woman Serena I feel Phillip and Serena's individual sufferings were measured and made to seem eual when it was not at all the same This is echoed in Serena even feeling that they are both victims of Trent's I don't think they are at all comparable and I really hated when that line came up near the end of the bookFrom Phillip's point of view there's minimal reflection on Serena's suffering Yeah sure there's lip service paid to her plight but what's the point of it's an afterthought and uickly pushed aside The power is in one's actions not words Phillip thinks that his own wounds were troublesome enough but they surely paled in comparison to all that she had suffered That was fine Then it's directly followed by how he couldn't trace his steps and that all he could do was pray that there was still a path ahead blah blah blah All that says to me is that sure you sufferedbut let bygones be bygones yeah It's a uick thought but just as uickly shoved aside Around the middle of the book I feel that her trauma was excused and forgotten by Phillip because Raven had been able to pick herself up and make something of herself making it seem as though she was none the worse for wear and was even instead improved so much prettier so elegant rich a title The only time he ever sees part of he suffering is when she's laying it down for him He never recognizes it on his ownI think it should be reviewed just how incomparable their pain is Every one of their sweet interactions in this book pissed me off because of what he did to her Raven was a seventeen year old in a time and place that was decidedly a man's world orphaned as far as he's concerned with a guardian who's just betrayed her and left her in the middle of the road with nothing no family resources or avenues Sure it can be argued that he tossed her things off his carriage so it wasn't nothing but how much could she realistically carry She had freely and happily given him the only thing of value that a woman is considered to have her virginity and because he was told she was a whore he tossed her aside without a second thought or listening to her sideSerena's delivers a blow to Phillip at the end and it is an effective one but I'm still disappointed that that's it I was so angry that he didn't even suffer the censure of his peers for throwing Raven over He left her high and dry and he didn't even suffer judgment from his family and friends because he lied about what happened I hope Serena finds out in the next book or I will be very very very disappointed in the seriesI'm also disappointed that the fact that he went back for her was brought up a few times I hate that it made an impression on Serena because really why should it matter that he went back I felt that it was being made into a big deal and he was being put into some positive light over it He was the one that left her there in the first place Why is he being credited with something he was the cause of just because he had a slight change of heart Oh and let's not forget that at that time he still thought her a whoreAlso it should be noted that the only reason why Trent's plan was even successful was because Phillip chose to believe the words the lies of a man who doesn't even like him a man Phillip himself had wronged previously He chose to believe the lies of that man over the woman he claimed to love He didn't even try to talk to her or hear her side of it and instead left her because someone told him she was a whore So juvenile How is that love It's not That's not love And that's why Phillip's pain meant nothing to me He was the architect of his own sadness and painI have to admit I was also greatly disappointed in the culmination of Serena's origin story I originally thought she'd brushed off the ashes of her former life and made something of herselfbut all of it ended up being because of her fatherthe duke I feel that it took away from making her as hardened as she's made to seem and she kind of went from one lap of luxury to another I felt that it also helped to absolve Phillip of some guilt because she hadn't suffered in the intervening years He left her at the side of the road but she hadn't been forced into whoring or something else in order to get out of the situation he along with Trent had shoved her intoAlso small writing complaint I hated the RavenSerena switches At first I thought there was a point being made with itbut then I noticed that there wasn't There are times when Serena is with Pepper and it still says Raven this or Raven that I feel that it could've been a interesting element in the writing but was ineffectively usedOh and I would've much preferred to off James altogether Castration is fine surebut I feel it was kind of left to chance

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E and his heart has never healed from the loss of his beautiful Raven and the irrevocable mistake of brutally ending their affair But when he found no trace of her he let himself believe that she was dead Except Phillip isn’t that lucky When he is introduced to Lady Serena Wellcott at his cousin’s country home his world begins to implode Because once again he has a tigress by the tail except this time it’s a dangerous mix of passion and poison when it becomes clear that what the lady wants most is his head on a platter If only he didn’t still love her with every fiber of his beingIn a dance of desire Serena has her own struggles reconciling the man she once loved with the irresistible rake she has vowed to hate Vengeance is its own mistress and it’s a. This book picks up nine years after the devastating betrayals in Lady Falls Raven Wells now Lady Serena Wellcott has become a woman of independent means A woman with a mission which is to help women who are victims to abusive men She has agreed to help Delilah Osborne wife of James who has the unfortunate habit of raping her maids Unfortunately it turns out Delilah is cousin to Sir Phillip Warrick the man she once loved The man who seduced her and then abandoned her in the middle of the road to Gretna in the middle of the night THAT Sir Phillip also known as Baron TurdbonnetPhillip it turns out regretted his actions within a short while and returned to find her willing to forgive the offense he believed she committed Only he couldn't find her She'd never returned to her home with his nemesis Lord Trent and after searching he was left to imagine that the worst had happenedSuddenly here she is and all those old emotions anger lust obsession are reawakened He knows she isn't who she claims to be She must be up to somethingSerena's emotions rage and a thirst for vengeance come alive as well and it turns out she's uite as bloodthirsty as her former guardianThis one was a tearjerker for me but satisfying in the end But the story is not yet over Read on for what Serena has in mind for her former guardian

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Lady Rises Black Rose Trilogy #2Race to the finish as the Black Rose takes on a uest to carve out justice and find mercy even where it’s been forgotten Love may rule but Lady Serena Wellcott doesn’t believe in playing fairly and she also doesn’t believe in surrenderFrom acclaimed USA Today bestselling author Renee Bernard comes a new trilogy of gothic power and twisted sensuality Here’s a slice of historical romance not generally found in the mainstream so pull up a chair settle in for a good read and hang onMarvelously daring welcome to a sensual world that will test not only your mind but your heart Delilah Marvelle Award Winning AuthorDelicious A fabulous story that draws you in from the very first word and stays with you long after the finish Máire Claremont Award Winning Author. Hell hath no fury like a woman scornedthat just about sums up this second book in the Black Rose trilogySeven years later Raven Wells has transformed herself into now Lady Serena Wellcott and she is the head of the Black Rose Reading Society a group of women who are 'reading the riot act' to those men who mistreat other women Serena metes out justice and one of the women who comes to her is related to Phillip Warwick the man who was going to marry Raven but treated her badlyWhen they meet again sparks once again ignite but are they positive or negative It depends on the person and of course Serena's mission to help Delilah is important Can Serena complete her mission Will the romance of Phillip and Serena end with them together or apart Like the previous novel in the trilogy there are surprises as well as another twist as the book comes to a close in other words another cliffhanger ending