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Collection are The Three Sisters Catharine and the series of vignettes known as A Collection of Letters Taken together these pieces display all the wry humour shrewd observation and satirical insight of Emma or Pride and Prejudi. I’m a little ashamed to admit this but here it goes I’ve been reading Jane Austen novels and a vast amount of Austenesue literature for over 12 years and this is the first time I’ve read any of her Juvenilia I’m so exceedingly glad that I finally had the opportunity to do so this past month To see the early scribblings and youthful effusions of my favorite author is indeed an illuminating and enthralling experienceSince the lovely edition of Jane Austen’s Love and Freindship And Other Youthful Writings I read contains a lot of contextual notes and annotations I thought I’d breakdown my review to itemize what I thought about each specific aspect of this volumeBut first let me acuaint you with what is included in this edition of Love and Freindship And Other Youthful WritingsVolume I II and III of Jane Austen’s JuveniliaLady SusanA 30 page Introduction by Christine AlexanderA section of Textual Notes by Christine AlexanderA section of Annotated Notes by Christine AlexanderFurther Reading and ChronologyMY THOUGHTS ON JANE AUSTEN’S EARLY WORKSIt Is Our Dear Jane The eccentric characters the astute and comedic social observations the themes of marriage and money It is easy to identify the brilliance and humor of Jane Austen at an early age in these storiesJane Likes to Narrate A lot of these stories are heavy on the narrative side often with very little portions of dialogue It is interesting to see how many of her early works are epistolary works Was it because she was very familiar with writing letters to her friends and siblings Or perhaps because she enjoyed the act of telling stories both verbally and in printJane Likes to Spoof and Make Sport A lot of what Jane Austen wrote in her early works can be traced back to or gives reference to a published work she read She parodies scenes characters and styles of writing from authors such as Frances Burney Evelina Samuel Richardson Sir Charles Grandison and Oliver Goldsmith The History of England to name a few She reminds one of the writers for Saturday Night Live but instead of writing parodies about the latest news and events she pens skits and satires about the latest novels and plots Sometimes Weak Conclusions A lot of these early works by Jane Austen end with a very hurried and incomplete conclusion which is the only thing I really have to uibble about in this compilation Some stories break off without any resolution or satisfying closure Part of me wonders if this was Jane Austen’s playful sense of humordid she send these incomplete snippets of stories to relations and await their begging entreaties for MY FAVORITE STORIES FROM JANE AUSTEN’S EARLY WORKSThe History of England – such a playful take on real historical figure and events I loved the humor and the very opinionated stance Jane Austen took with some monarchsCatharine or the Bower – I enjoyed this longer work for its descriptive and imaginative characterizations – Jane Austen definitely has a love for ridiculous characters and their folliesLady Susan – Ooh Such an anti heroine Full of schemes and drama I just love the candor that letter writing allowsMY THOUGHTS ON THIS EDITIONIt’s Elegantly Made This book is a beauty – a clothbound cover thick high uality paper and an attached ribbon bookmark Definitely a tome to admire and treasureAnnotations Are Extremely Helpful With Jane Austen’s spelling and freuent references to characters authors and events of her day I found myself greatly needing and appreciating these contextual notes Half of the jabs and jokes Jane Austen made would be way over my head without them In addition I found it interesting to learn what edits Jane Austen made on her own manuscript and to suppose the reason why such edits were madeThorough and Complete I love that this edition included all three volumes of Jane Austen’s Juvenilia images of the original manuscripts and Cassandra’s illustrations for The History of England And of course I think including Lady Susan in this compilation is brilliantCONCLUSIONAn excellent addition to any Janeite’s library And these earlier works by Jane Austen are definitely something every Jane Austen fan should read at least once I love that Penguin Books included such a lovely volume in their eye catching and elegant Hardcover Classics series It will wonderfully complete my Jane Austen set

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Love and Friendship and Other WritingsThese inventive and entertaining pieces display the genesis of the wit and imagination of Jane Austen’s mature fiction Written when she was only in her teens they are by turns amusing acerbic and occasionally downright silly L. Jane Austen You may have heard of her She wrote a book called Pride and Prejudice later made famous by dashing actor Colin Firth and his wet shirt Many Americans still want her autograph and others ask uestions as to whether she might be enjoyed by male readers the answer to which may seriously cause me concerns regarding my sexual and gender identityAusten refuses to throw any Conan the Barbarian like bones to her male readership who are going to have to take it on trust that their penis won't fall off after perusal of these satirical delights written for no one but her family who were appreciative enough to provide illustrations I am sure they were also appreciative enough that their Jane was something of a genius and that these miniature works whilst notably unpolished moved from brilliant all out satire on the literary conventions of the day Love and Freindship the volume's highlight much obliged to the constant swoons and shocking multiple sudden deaths through a notorious takedown of historical method A History of England towards the subtler novelistic style that she would perfect as an adult Catharine comes to a crashing halt after 30 pages but as a first attempt shows a lot of style and finesseReading this volume makes me weep for my teenage self who could barely construct a sentence despite similar as yet still unrealised ambition It also makes me weep for the cult of Jane Austen who still think that mother of chick lit is something of an empowering label One likes to imagine what Jane Austen would have said about the work of Stephanie Meyer or Jodi Piccoult amongst close acuaintances A lot of fucking shite or something a little biting I imagine

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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Love and Friendship and Other Writings å These inventive and entertaining pieces display the genesis of the wit and imagination of Jane Austen’s mature fiction Written when she was only in her teens they are by turns amusing acerbic and occasionally downright silly Love and Friendship and Lesley Castle Ove and Friendship and Lesley Castle provide parodies of the gentry and the fashionable idea of sensibility of the time A History of England supplies us with a lively chronicle of English monarchic history Also included in this. Reviewed for Books and livres 45 stars rounded up to 5 for this placeI had to kick myself to write this review because it's hot outside I'm finally on real vacation still at home but in vacation there is noone around that I have to cook for such a blessing I hate cooking especially twice a day for months my eldest manages her meals just fine So yes I'm lazy and then I started thinking that if I don't write this review now I'll never do it so I grabbed a glass of very good rosé gris and got to it Not that I didn't like the book I'd rather pick the book back and re read it rather than write a review Lazy I tell youOriginally I was to read only Jane Austen's History of England for the #JaneAustenJuly2020 but since I found her juvenilia in this particular book that isn't that long I inhaled it all So now I've read everything she has ever written and will be able to move on to What matters in Jane Austen by John MullanIt contains Love and freindship nothing to do with the film which is adapted from Lady Susan An unfinished novel in letters The history of England written when she was 16 A collection of letters The female philosopher The first act of a comedy A taleAll these texts are rather short uickly and easily read and I had a blast doing so She has such a sense of humour I do love her tongue in cheek wit she's so funny Those texts are incomplete lacking in depth and all that but you see what a wonderful author she is to become You find names in there situations that you see in her later novels I sometimes wished I had the complete story because I wanted to read I understand why her brother while she tried to hide her name and yet ascertaining that she was a lady in a time where women published under male pseudonyms he gave her away every time in brotherly prideReading this book was an absolute treat and I highly recommend it to you