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Re or endure a devastating and impossible war Now she must decide if she will forfeit her people’s liberty or fight When Wil Traveler the disenchanted Imirillion soldier wanders into her country Eleanor takes the gamble of asking him to t. I am the first to admit that I am not into grown up fantasy novels When I pick up a book that has a map on the inside cover my eyes almost instantly glaze over This was not even close to the case with this incredible novel It is evident from page one that Beth has a profound ability with words and uses them to immediately pull you into her story She has created a world that is uniuely her own with fantastically developed characters that you will come to love hate laugh with cry with and sometimes don't even know what to do with So my biggest compliment to Ms Brower is that this non fantasy reader now proudly displays this book among the greats Thanks for the journey Now hurry and publish the seuel

CHARACTERS The Queens Gambit (The Books of Imirillia #1)

The Queens Gambit The Books of Imirillia #1Rain her ill prepared men for war despite suspecting he may be a spy Battling uestions of war and conuest Eleanor fights to protect her people as Wil challenges her way of life all the while keeping the secrets of his violent past a mystery. Wow My best friend recommended this book as her daughter in law's sister just wrote it I couldn't have been impressed This is a great fantasy with a beautiful layered story that kept me mesmerized The writing had depth and flowed just right I love and care for these characters already Can't wait for the next installmentHighly recommendedJust read this again now that all 3 books are available Loved it even the 2nd time

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READ The Queens Gambit (The Books of Imirillia #1) î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ “THE RULES OF WAR HAD BEEN CHANGED UEEN ELEANOR WANTED TO KNOW WHY” Eleanor the young ueen of Aemogen is confronted with the greatest threat her country has ever faced surrender Aemogen’s sovereignty to the treacher“THE RULES OF WAR HAD BEEN CHANGED UEEN ELEANOR WANTED TO KNOW WHY” Eleanor the young ueen of Aemogen is confronted with the greatest threat her country has ever faced surrender Aemogen’s sovereignty to the treacherous Imirillion Empi. I won this in a Goodreads giveaway Thank you Beth Brower for letting me have a copyI really wanted to like this book I did Brower sent me a nice note along with the book and I was so excited to start reading It sounded like my sort of thing fantasy setting complicated relationships heart or country WARI crack the book open and it's beautifully set The font is perfect the paper thick and white and the words are just jumping out at me Yes all those cheesy things chronic readers say about booksSo what went wrongThe proseI have not come across mind numbing proseIt was simple extremely convoluted and tried to sound intelligent than it was The wording was often awkward and I had to slowly read out some sentences to make sense of them The large chunks of description held nothing of value and felt like wasted space Not every celebrationritual moves the plot along I skipped over all of them and still got the jist of the storyAnd the dialogue What a nightmare Who even talks like that Topics jumped like crazy and if the characters were not surprised at least once every other page sometimes twice a page Eleanor what the fuck how sheltered a life are you living they might as well not have a conversation I understand the concept of introducing differing points of view and tension that's a whole other paragraph of missed potential but there comes a time as a writer when you should ask yourself is this something my character as a ueen of a self sufficient and prospering country and a total scholar should know and understand contextuallyThe answer is undeniably yes She should be able to understand that different countries have different political systems and not be fucking surprised when a dude from the country with a different political system expresses the way that political system worksBut as they say review the book you read not the book you wish you readueen Eleanor is given an ultimatum by a warring nation with double her military strength surrender your country and you can be a puppet monarch under our rule or resist and we'll kill you and your entire nation You have six months to complyHelpless and out of options she lets this dude she barely knows but recognizes the military talent in train her army because fuck compliance But can she trust this Wil Traveler Can she trust this coincidenceShe doesn't Her council doesn't But they don't have many choices And so they go around her country evaluating and training the soldiers Wil gets frustrated because no one knows shit about fighting and Eleanor actually thinks she has a chance at winning Boring shit happens Wil gets accepted by the characters and Eleanor comes up with a wicked cool strategy only for it to fail long enough for her to pull the title of the book And of course conveniently set up a narrative for the next bookWhich I may or may not be reading Because 1 FUCK cliffhangers and authors that pull that shit make me so angry and 2 the ending of The ueen's Gambit was actually interesting The role Wil is forced to take on at the end of the book is filled with wonderful tension And I'm a sucker for person vs self conflict Such a suckerBut There's always a but isn't thereThe characterization of ueen's Gambit drove me up the fucking wall Eleanor is a gem one of those fake ones Wil is a mess of contradictory narratives and angry emotions As for the rest of the characters flatter than flat bread Existing mostly for the purpose of creating conflict with Eleanor and Wil they were boring unrealistic and a literal pain to readAnd did everything have to be so fucking majestic all the time The ceremonies the characters the speech patterns the worldbuilding the dancing the culture of song and dance and harvest The lush richness of the country described with unnecessary detailBeauty is so boring if it doesn't juxtapose anything The characters all had personalities of rainbows and sunshine and Doing The Right Thing They can Do No WrongIt made me roll my eyes a bit Okay a lot So much Sooo muchIf all this sounds like your cup of tea then by all means pick this up You might even like it It might even be the one and only cup of tea for you But the lack of moral ambiguity lgbt charactersrelationships and tolerable character interaction made me cringe with every turn of the pageI'm sorry Beth I tried I thank you for the experience and I am truly sorry I couldn't journey with these characters like you did