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Is now an ailing forty nine year old measuring fifty four inches around his waist his amorous gaze lights upon the pretty teenager Seated near him intentionally by her ambitious Catholic family Katheryn readily succumbs to the courtshipHenry is besotted with his bride He tells the world she is a rose without a thorn and extols her beauty and her virtue Ka. Pulling down his hose he entered her and rode her like a stallion DNF 30%OK I give up this one is just too packed with appalling writing see uotations below Weir is iffy as a novelist for me but her Catherine of Aragon and to a lesser extent Anne Boleyn books in this series were at least faithful to the sources and focused on the early lives of these women before they came into the orbit of Henry VIII as well as in Catherine's case her life after the divorce Her Jane Seymour book bored me endlessly with her Little Miss Piety portrait despite Jane sleeping with a married man and her Anne of Cleves was literally unbelievable with a massive fictional insert This one however has rapidly become unreadable Katherine is no than a cardboard bundle of lustful urges falling rapidly for the sexual attentions of every man she meets That might in itself be a valid interpretation of Katherine if it weren't so a thoughtless and old fashioned and b articulated in Mills and Boonesue language that could almost be a parody of itself What finally caused me to fling this away was this paragraphMaking a promise to wed and bedding together afterwards is as good as being married in church Lots of people do it It would take a church court to loose us now Katherine stared at him She had never heard of such a thingThe idea of a seventeen year old girl from the Howard family being worldly enough to practise contraception but not knowing the established custom of hand fasting is just silly and this combined with anachronistic modern concepts and ludicrous language so it was the drink talking she retorted made me abandon all scruples despite this being an ARC

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Katheryn Howard the Scandalous ueenTherine delights in the pleasures of being ueen and the power she has to do good to others She comes to love the ailing obese king and tolerate his nightly attentions If she can bear him a son her triumph will be complete But Katheryn has a past of which Henry knows nothing and which comes back increasingly to haunt her even as she courts danger yet again. Katheryn Howard the Scandalous ueen a novel of the fifth wife of Henry VIII is told in the voice of the young woman beginning at the death of her mother in childbirth when Katheryn was seven Her precise date of birth is debated according to Weir which might well impact her behavior in her short life ie immaturity in spite of her setting Not long after her father a spendthrift member of the Howard family sent all of his children away Katheryn to the home of the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk where she will grow up with other young women of similar backgroundsThis is where the novel began to disappoint and lose me Here at the Dowager Duchess’ castle Katheryn gradually comes to know of the other women’sgirl’s lives in their “dorter” a communal space the women shared with inadeuate supervision according to Katheryn While Katheryn had a personal chamber her curiosity led her eventually to ask to join the others and at a point Twelve she was allowed There was feasting There were visits from young men also uartered with the Duchess Here Katheryn was introduced to sex And we hear all her thoughts hopes worries fears etc etc etc Here the novel moves into the realm of sexy romantic historical fiction More teenage romance and sex than history for a few yearsThere is such as the crude Howard family plot to use Katheryn to ensnare Henry who believes she is a chaste pure young thing and Katheryn’s internal musings on what might have been with a younger lover It became a bit much for me as I found her voice tiresome And of course there is only one way for the novel about the fifth wife of Henry VIII to endI know that I am outnumbered in my feelings about this book by others’ praise but this simply hit me wrong while I did like Weir’s novel about Ann of Cleves I believe it’s the romance novel aspect that got me25 rounded to 3A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review

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Katheryn Howard the Scandalous ueen Free read ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Bestselling author and acclaimed historian Alison Weir tells the tragic story of Henry VIII's fifth wife a nineteen year old beauty with a hidden past in this fifth novel in the sweeping Six Tudor ueens series In the spring of 1540Bestselling author and acclaimed historian Alison Weir tells the tragic story of Henry VIII's fifth wife a nineteen year old beauty with a hidden past in this fifth novel in the sweeping Six Tudor ueens series In the spring of 1540 Henry VIII desperate to be rid of his ueen Anna of Kleve first sets eyes on the enchanting Katheryn Howard Although the king. Heaven knows I've devoured scores of books and documentaries about The Tudors since they are a lifelong passion of mine Even so this historical fiction offering gave me a whole new perspective on the fifth wife of King Henry VIII Whereas before I looked upon this wife as an unintelligent wanton and reckless young woman I now view her actions in the context of how she was raised Katheryn's mother passed away during the birth of a younger sister Afterwards her father remarried and farmed out the children to other titled households to raise Katheryn's father Lord Edmund Howard was foolish with money suandering the small fortune his deceased wife brought to the union This prompted him to disperse his children to other families in the British gentry in the hope that they would provide better opportunities for themKatheryn was sent to stay with Agnes Howard the Dowager Duchess widow of Katheryn's grandfather the old Duke of Norfolk She was provided with beautiful lodgings at Norfolk House but still missed home Katheryn soon realized that the Dowager's house matron Mrs Emmet was very lax in watching over the young ladies placed in her care Perhaps a dozen young girls lodged together in a large room lined with beds but they were hosting parties in that room with leftover food they had snatched at dinner time and also inviting men What's these girls were having sexual encounters right in the same room with each other Katheryn was initially shocked and horrified and preferred to sleep nights alone in her pristine room However eventually she was lured into attending these parties and was swept away by two handsome suitors It was then that she bashfully asked one of the girls how they prevented pregnancy and the answers were uite interesting to read 500 years later It was easy to see how a once innocent girl was corrupted in this environment Katheryn was thrilled when she was informed by the Dowager Duchess that a place was made available to her at Court to serve Anne of Cleves who was to be the 4th wife of King Henry VIII Even though I had read the prior book about ueen Anne of Cleves in Alison Weir's Six Wives series I uite enjoyed reading Katheryn's view of this ueen in her own voice As history recounts King Henry VIII was uite displeased with the physical personage of Anne of Cleves and found a mechanism to divorce her In the wake of this Katheryn's uncle the Duke of Norfolk mastermined a potential marriage of the King to his niece Katheryn Howard By the way the Duke's other niece was the late ueen Anne Boleyn who was King Henry VIII's second wife and had been beheaded Little did young Katheryn know that not too long into the future she would also find herself beheaded for treason against the King and be laid to rest next to her notorious cousinI have read this entire series and always look with bated breath for the next one to be released I love what royal author Philippa Gregory did with her historical fiction series of King Henry VIII's Six Wives where she let each ueen speak her story in the first person narrative That's what legendary royalty author Alison Wier has done with this series and she relies heavily on research that leads her to various speculations She makes it really interesting and wont to think in perhaps a different way about these historical figures I thought I knew everything about Katheryn Howard and didn't think very highly of her but this tome provided some new insights I now have compassion and understanding for this young and misguided ueen In fact I was so inspired midway reading this that I fished out my DVD collection of The Tudors to re visit this particular ueen That's a good sign that I'm really liking a book and I'll be looking out for Weir's final installment next year when she covers Katherine ParrHenry's 6th and final wifeThank you to Random House Publishing Group Ballantine for providing an advance reader copy via NetGalley