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Melbourne 1943 and Mirabel is seventeen She's leaving school designing dresses falling in love Then fate. 35 starsLittle Paradise has been described as an epic love story set during World War Two in Melbourne and ShanghaiI am than a little in awe of how well incorporated the little details of setting and culture and have been weaved into the story It's intricate and lyrical and one of those stories where you truly feel transported to the time and place while reading It's a perfect example of research not bogging down a story just used deftly to make it shine Once the scene is set the story flows along wonderfully The beginning while beautifully written took a little for me to warm up intoThe story is fascinating and always a little unexpected There's family dramas and secrets I personally loved the Mirabelle's Mothers story fascinating and mind boggling there's friends and a war time romance which is kept a secret from Mirabelle's family There's intrigue love and disappointments There's scandal and mental illness and daring adventuresIt's epic not only in it's settings from Melbourne to Adelaide and then a war devastated Shanghai but also in the period of life Mirabel is going through she begins as a 17 year old dreamer longing for love and tinkering with art to having an illegitimate child risking her life through a war torn nation in search of JJ her soldier boyfriend By the end of the novel Mirabel is in her early twentiesI loved all the little snippets Wang snuck in the narrative concerning Chinses culture and history They slipped so effortlessly into the prose adding a richness to the storyI really enjoyed the first half in Melbourne but the second half wow the story just really took off in China I was captivated and amazed at events that unfolded It's really stunning even so considering it is inspired by a true storyRecommended Anyone who loves historical fiction fascinating cultural history or a war torn love story will really appreciate and enjoy this It's a beautifully told story heart felt and powerful a story that will resonate after the last page It's particularly rich in setting and just oozes heart

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Little ParadiseIntervenes her forbidden affair is discovered and JJ is posted back to China where a civil war is raging. Mirabel certainly led an eventful life in Little Paradise She was courageous foolish and clever But most of all Mirabel lived her life which I admired

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Read & Download Little Paradise ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Å Melbourne 1943 and Mirabel is seventeen She's leaving school designing dresses falling in love Then fate intervenes her forbidden affair is discovered and JJ is posted back to China where a civil war is raging Despite all warnings Mirabel sets off for ShanghaDespite all warnings Mirabel sets off for Shanghai to find himLittle Paradise is inspired by a true story. The pacing is rather odd with this novel It's sort of like a butterfly or a hummingbird The story moves fast floating from event to event never stopping long enough to fully dive into the event or the characters involved The romance seems to develop uickly but too uickly Neither Mirabel or JJ have any noticeable flaws nor do we get a distinct grasp of their personality I wanted to know about what made JJ laugh what did he and Mirabel talk about etc The books is a romance but oddly enough I felt that I learned about the politics and events surrounding China during and after WWII Further I wished we had learned about mapmaking it seemed rather vagueThis story is even easier to get emotionally involved in because it's based on a true story Mirabel is astonishingly brave She is in a seemingly dire predicament but she bravely packs up and heads to Shanghai to find JJ Once in Shanghai she has some connections that make her search a little easier but she can't depend on the help of her friends forever Watching her grow even self assured and remaining positive about finding JJ is empowering The whole of China is facing tumultuous times as the Kuomintang struggles to maintain its power and kills anyone who is even accused of being a Communist no uestions asked Mirabel is remarkably uick witted when it comes to dealing with both the Kuomintang and the Communists I like that the author maintains a neutral tone throughout the novel concerning the Communists and the Kuomintang she highlights the good and the bad of both parties Even before Mirabel heads to Shanghai she starts to gain confidence as a mapmakerLittle Paradise is an accomplished novel that covers WWII in Australia which is mostly a foreign place to Americans we know nothing about what was going on there during WWII What makes the story even winsome is the romance Granted the details can be vague at times and the characters are not as fleshed out as I would have liked However the story goes above and beyond in historical detail covering not just Australia in the '40s but China as well It's an informative read but the romance is at the forefront The book also covers the alienation many Asian people felt in Australia Mirabel even changes her name to fit in better it used to be Lei An While it's disappointing to learn that racism was so prevalent around the world it's still interesting to see how racism reared its head in other countries As a bonus the book is beautifully packaged Not only is the cover sublime but so are the inside and back covers feature the designs of Ms Wang's mother I would recommend this book to people who wish to learn about Australia's history Asian immigrants in Australia the negative and positives of the Communists and the Kuomintangs essentially history lovers and romantics