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DOWNLOAD ✓ NATURAL-TREATMENT.CO.UK Á W.H. Hudson The love that flowers between them is soon overshadowed by cruelty and sorrow One of the acknowledged masters of natural history writing W H Hudson forms an important link between nineteenth century Romanticism and the twentieth century ecological movementFirs. If you have never heard of the book Green Mansions and didn't know it was a classic you're not alone Neither did I before I saw it on my library's We Recommend table It certainly looked old and on a whim I checked it out After looking up the title on com and Goodreads I realized it was indeed a classic and thought I'd add a lesser known or forgotten title to my list of twenty You know step outside the box Maybe help shed some light on a great old book Well classics are classics for a reason and there is a reason this book has been forgotten It's not very good In fact I may as well say it It's bad Abel a member of the aristocratic class of Venezuela flees to the uncivilized jungles after a failed coup Because he is able to pick up languages easily he learns to communicate and eventually live among several different indigenous tribes Just like any great guest he spends his time wowing them with his guitar waits for his meals while he hangs out in his hammock and laughs at their silly traditions Eventually driven by boredom he explores a cursed part of the forest where he eventually meets an unusual girl unlike any one he's ever seen She seems able to talk to birds and snakes climbs trees and appears to live all alone in her green mansion Most interesting to Abel is the paleness of her white skin noticeably different from the savages his words that inhabit this area Rima as she is called by a spanish speaking man who raised her is the last surviving member of an extinct tribe How she came to live with him is complicated than I care to explain as William Henry Hudson unravels her origins in an excruciatingly slow discovery but suffice it to say that when Rima and Abel fall in love it spells doom for both of them While there is the romance which is actually unsatisfying because it follows that melodramatic pattern of 19th century romanticism where there seems to be no passion accompanied with the unexplained devotion this book is really about the forest than the girl Hudson uses most of his words to describe every tree every vine and every undergrowth It becomes ridiculous to think that he is really including these mind numbing descriptive details in his explanation of his tragic past to his friend In addition to the superfluous language the book is unforgivably racist and outdated I kept wondering why I was being less forgiving than I was with say A Town Like Alice which also exposes its age with its no longer acceptable prejudices All I can say is that Alice at least redeems itself with its other better ualities Green Mansions doesn't Its attitude towards the aboriginals of Venezuela as described by a superior white man is blatantly offensive Uncomfortably so Skip it There's really no reason to read this book

SUMMARY Green Mansions

SUMMARY Ø Green Mansions ☆ A failed revolutionary attempt drives the hero of Hudson's novel to seek refuge in the primeval forests of south western Venezuela There in the 'green mansions' of the title Abel encounters the wood nymph Rima the last survivor of a mysterious aboriginal race The love that flowers between them is soon overshadowed by cruelty and T published in 1904 and a bestseller after its reissue a dozen years later Green Mansions offers its readers a poignant meditation on the loss of wilderness the dream of a return to nature and the bitter reality of the encounter between savage and civilized ma. Considered W H Hudson's masterpiece and promoted as an exotic romance Green Mansions lived up to its reputation An old man Mr Abel tells his tale to a close friend Mr Abel a Venezuelan had become embroiled in a political plot to overthrow his government back when he was an unwise young man of twenty three The plot was discovered forcing him to flee for his life Conseuently he spent some years wandering the jungle and living with savages Mr Abel met a mysterious young woman who besides her great beauty also spoke an unknown language and had a mystical relationship with the flora and fauna of the jungle Between the bird girl Rina and Mr Abel a passionate love grew and though he did everything within his power to bring her happiness tragedy was the result of their relationship The most amazing aspect of the novel is the telling of the story with not one word of dialogue It is all description of the jungle the natives the bird girl and her strange grandfather and of the states of mind along with the adventures of Mr Abel Never have I read a novel in this form that was so compelling It is full of action emotion danger passion extreme adventure and continuous suspense as though the reader were also in the jungle and in the mind of Mr Abel I became aware of Green Mansions years ago and have had a yellowed used paperback on my shelves for almost two decades Thanks to one of my reading groups I have read it at last and understand why it appears on so many reading lists An investment of 250 and two evenings of reading time brought me entertainment than I ever expected

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Green MansionsA failed revolutionary attempt drives the hero of Hudson's novel to seek refuge in the primeval forests of south western Venezuela There in the 'green mansions' of the title Abel encounters the wood nymph Rima the last survivor of a mysterious aboriginal race. Sigh this is a novel that has lived in my memory as a beloved book from my late teenage years I first stumbled across this book deep in the stacks of my university library while randomly browsing in order to take a break from proving some tedious complicated mathematical theorem Perhaps it was the dullness of the mathematical formulas that in comparison led me to believe this book was truly magical I became completely obsessed with the book and at the time considered it to be one of the most romantic stories ever written I read this perhaps three times over the course of the next five years following my first reading and my opinion did not alter Then time slipped away I moved out of town the book was a precious memory I eventually forgot about it Then I joined Goodreads and tried to recall some novels that made an impact on me in my younger days This one came to mind but for the life of me I could not recall the title or the author yes some 25 years or so had passed but still perhaps this should have been a sign to leave well enough alone I eventually figured it out and back it went onto my to read shelf Needless to say it did not have the same impact this time aroundThe story is narrated by a young man Abel who has taken refuge with an Indian tribe in the tropical forests of Venezuela The tribe fears entering the depths of one part of the jungle; their fear deriving from a superstition regarding the daughter of the “Didi” who they believe wishes them harm Abel however does not harbor any misgivings about the forest and ventures out to explore The vivid and beautiful descriptions of the local flora and fauna are the most redeeming ualities of the book in my opinion They were captivating and reflect the true love that WH Hudson had for the natural world It is here that Abel then encounters the object of the tribe’s superstition – Rima an ethereal bird like girl; her mysterious and enchanting songs will lure Abel farther and farther into the forest before I had been resting many moments it was broken by a low strain of exuisite bird melody wonderfully pure and expressive unlike any musical sound I had ever heard before its greatest charm was its resemblance to the human voice – a voice purified and brightened to something almost angelic The blood rushed to my heart as I listened; my nerves tingled with a strange new delight the rapture produced by such music heightened by a sense of mystery Rima represents all that is lovely and pure in nature Abel uickly falls in love with this angelic creature Rima seems to be the last survivor of some mystical race of people yet in her isolation she seeks to find of her kind She sets out on a journey with the help of Abel and her ‘grandfather’ Nuflo This journey becomes likened to a battle between mankind and nature paralleling man’s greed and exploitation with the peace and harmony of the natural world On the surface this is still a decent novel Unfortunately perhaps as a product of its time written in 1904 the racist language is pervasive throughout In his narration Abel freuently refers to the South American Indian tribes as ‘savages’ ‘inferior’ and of the white man being intellectually superior I have found that I am not a big fan of Romanticism having read one or two other works from this period that have seemed too flowery or overwritten I do enjoy descriptive writing but this style in particular grates on my nerves a bit While I was uite fond of Rima Abel on the other hand was arrogant and rather unlikeable I do appreciate the fact he exhibited some growth towards the end of the novel yet this did not manage to ultimately endear him to me I think this book is a worthwhile read in the sense that it is an excellent reminder about what we as human beings need to consider if we truly desire to protect our natural resources and ensure the longevity of our planet I can’t really wholeheartedly recommend Green Mansions any longer; yet for nostalgic purposes some splendid descriptions of nature and the vital message contained within I will rate this one 3 stars The sense of the beautiful is God’s best gift to the human soul – WH Hudson