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FREE READ Kings of uarantine Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep #1 100 ¶ Cruel Heartless uarantinedThe ruthless boys of Everlake Prep never saw lockdown comingBut the virus isn’t their number one enemyI amAnd as if being confined to a boarding school for the elite wasn’t bad enough now I’m stuck in isolation with the boys who Cruel Heartless uarantinedThe ruthless boys of Everlake Prep never saw lockdown comingBut the virus isn’t their number one enemyI amAnd as if being confined to a boarding school for the elite wasn’t bad enough now I’m stuck in isolation with the boys who hate me most tooSaint Kyan and Blake The Night Keepers Or so they call themselves They’ve embodied the Native American legend which lives in this valley taking on the role of the monsters who lurk in the forest And though they act like beasts they may also bethe most tempting creatures I’ve ever seenWith the virus escalating and my dad’s name splashed through the news my entire world is falling apart What he did has cast a dark shadow over me And the Night Keepers want to make me pay for his crimesThen things went from bad to wo. Meet the boys Saint the leader of the group over the top OCD his daddy was one of the most powerful within the state Blake uarterback of the football team Kyan He got off fighting They call themselves the 'Night Keepers' And the girl they love to hate TatumThis was recommended to me from a friend on here and I’m so glad I one clicked this straight away I was pulled into the storyline an awesome escape these guys took their bullying ways up to a whole new level They literally ruled the whole school with an iron fist from their peers to the teachers themselves To the one girl who they made her life a living hell The story kickstarts off with seventeen year old Tatum's dad dropping her off at her new boarding school which is shrouded in folklore most dads would give the usual speech and then be on their way but not this dad he makes sure she's got her pepper spray her tactical pen and then proceeds to hand over a gun She'll be attending a boarding school for the richest kids in Seuoia State and beyond With the Hades Virus taking its grip on the world she'll be in one of the safest places on earth Her dad's a scientist and with the state of the Hades Virus taking over many townships they need his experience at the front line Needless to say she's been trained to shoot fight and forage for food if it ever arises where she'll have to rely on her survivor instincts Tatum just wanted to slide through her year here at boarding school make a few girlfriends until the next chapter in her life takes place Things were going sweet there for a while she got on with her new roomie caught the eye of Blake and things between these two really heated up but then they found out that her dad is on the run and that he in fact may have been the one who released the virus and that's when all hell breaks loose Because you see Blake had only just recently lost his mum to this virus Now him and his best mates were going to make her pay for the sins of her father and they are no strangers to breaking people These three guys won't crawl into your heart and take up space because trust me they just won't I even struggled to find one thing I even liked about them individually but came up zilch lolThough I was leaning towards liking one than the other two though even that was a struggle at times These boys were just rotten and spoilt to the core they got away with everything one could even say murder Out of these three boys Saint was by far the worst and I'm really not sure at this stage if he can redeem himself in my eyes in the next book

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Rse when I touched the sacred rock A rock which supposedly holds a curse to bind me as the Night Keepers’ slave And as crazy as it sounds I decided to play along Because there are things about me they don’t know Things my dad has hidden from me for years All I can be sure of is that I have to find a way to escape this school But until then those savage boys are making my life a living hellAs the virus sweeps through the country and the world twists into something ugly and unknown the kings of this school become true monarchs Even the teachers bow to them now And I’m kinda glad about that ‘stay six feet away from one another’ rule because without it I know they’d rip me apartAt least there’s a silver lining I’m cosying up to Coach Monroe My hot as hell brooding PE teacher who. Kings of uarantine will be releasing next sunday the 19thDon't forget to preorder

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Kings of uarantine Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep #1Has a vendetta of his own against the Night Keepers And with his help I may succeed at doing than escaping the clutches of these heartless fiends I might even destroy them along the wayMy father taught me how to be strongHow to prepare for the end of the worldSo this isn’t going to be the end of my world mark my wordsBut if I’m able to use my mind and body to bring these assholes to their knees it might just be the end of theirs This is a high school bully RH series with off the charts angst dark themes and is not for the faint of heart Prepare to enrol at Everlake Prep Bring your hand sanitiser face masks and toilet paper to barter with but don’t expect to hold onto them for long Because it’s time to go into uarantine with the Night Keepers And everything you own now belongs to th. Okay where is book 2 Kings of uarantine was an addicting book Especially after meeting all the characters at this school I was hooked It honestly was a page turner for me because seeing how they were reacting to a uarantine and a virus outbreak Talk about real life situations Especially towards the end when people were crazy and attacked a schoolThis book definitely had some realistic stuff happening Whether is the hormones of a teenager or people hoarding toilet paper and food Just know that people actually did that in real life At the beginning of the COVID outbreak we had people hoarding Even now with the second wave threats people are starting to hoard again I see all you people buying all the disinfectant wipes Stop being assholesOther than that I loved the romance Yes it's technically a bully RH book but these guys were obsessed with her They wanted to break her in the beginning but you could see all the sexual tension throughout the book Not sure what's going to happen next after that ending I'm hoping she isn't infected with the virus because of that asshole coughing all over her I'm also wondering if the ex principal will retaliate for being fired So many uestions are floating around my head and I need answers