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read My Name is Anton kindle ↠ Kindle Edition ↠ naturaltreatment à New York Times bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde returns with a hopeful novel of sacrifice two lost souls and enduring loveIt’s 1965 and life has taken a turn for eighteen year old Anton Addison Rice Nearly a year after his brA glimpse of his neighbor Edith across the street one evening and realizes that she’s in dangerAnton is determined to help Edith leave her abusive marriage Frightened and fifteen years Anton’s senior Edith is slow to trust But when she needs a safe place to stay she lets down her guard and over the course of ten days an unlikely friendship g 35 starsAnton Rice has experienced a terrible thing and as he is reeling from it we learn of his parents who are so consumed with their own issues that they are not present in Anton's life They leave him at the holiday time and go off to South America to try and salvage their marriage and Anton just eighteen years old is left alone He is watched over by his loving grandmother and a dear great uncle who seem to bring love and understanding into his lifeBut soon Anton's life is about to change after witnessing a case of spousal abuse through the eyes of a telescope he received as a Christmas gift He manages to meet the woman Edith senior in age to him by many years and falls in love for the first time He assists her and Edith finally realizes that staying in her marriage will not be what she desires Her husband's abuse has escalated and as Anton sends her away he is in turmoil emotionally Can he survive being separated from the one who he loves? The story progresses through the years and we get to know an older Anton and Edith connected by what once brought them together the vision of loveThank you to NetGalley for a copy of this love story that transcends the years and time itself

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New York Times bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde returns with a hopeful novel of sacrifice two lost souls and enduring loveIt’s 1965 and life has taken a turn for eighteen year old Anton Addison Rice Nearly a year after his brother died in a tragic accident Anton is still wounded physically and emotionally Alone for the holidays he catches 35 starsThis one opens in 1965 and we meet Anton Addison Rice a young man of 18 who has faced his share of tragedy already with the death of his brother Anton has not had the benefit of much help healing from this tragedy nor have his parents The writer does a great job writing about mental health in this book and I appreciate that we have made some progress in this area since 1965Anton is alone over the holidays and catches an encounter with a neighbor and he worries that she is in danger He later befriends the woman and they enjoy an intense friendship for a short time before Edith leaves townAnton has a great relationship with his grandmother and uncle and I really enjoyed that dynamic of a supportive family The second half of the novel is the return of Edith to Anton’s life I must say that I never uite connected with their romance and I felt distant from these two charactersCatherine Ryan Hyde is a prolific writer 30 books and I’ve just started reading her books this was the third for me I find that she is not afraid to tackle tough issues and her writing is very easy to read Her characters are flawed realistic ones I enjoyed the other two books of hers that I’ve read a bit than this oneThank you to Lake Union Publishing for an early copy of this one to read and review This one is scheduled to publish 1212020

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My Name is Anton Rows As Anton falls hopelessly and selflessly in love Edith fears both her husband finding her and Anton getting hurt She must disappear without telling anyone where she’s going even AntonIf keeping Edith safe means letting her go Anton will say goodbye forever Or so he believes What would happen though if one day their paths should cross again My Name Is Anton is a novel by award winning American author Catherine Ryan Hyde After a truly horrible year in which eighteen year old Anton call me Anthony Addison Rice loses his loving and beloved grandfather his mentally ill older brother and his own right hand his parents take his “I’m OK” at face value and depart for a three week South American vacation in early December leaving him on his own Anthony is fiddling with his early Christmas present a telescope when he accidentally sees a young woman in an apartment across the road being physically abused by her husband Over the next few days he manages to find her express his concern for her welfare and offer the family’s apartment as a refuge should she need it She turns up beaten again in the middle of the night and he promises to help her escape while promptly falling in love with this woman theoretically old enough to be his mother Sound advice from his cherished grandmother helps him understand what he must do if he loves her as much as she suspects he does “What’s best for her even if it doesn’t include me” He lets her go and his heartbreak triggers the reaction to all the grief he has been suppressing His recovery is aided by the words and actions of his wise great uncle and he steps out into the world to live his life but never forgets her parting words “I love you too” And then one day fifteen years later he bumps into her on the trainAs with many of this author’s novels this one is very much character driven and she gives those characters wise words and insightful observations and sound philosophies to deal with the challenges life throws at them Ryan Hyde easily captures the era from 1965 to the present day and takes the opportunity to include two of her favourite diversions star gazing and horses into this wonderfully moving love storyThis unbiased review is from an uncorrected proof copy provided by NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing