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Crime Buffs Guide to Outlaw Los Angeles review æ 103 Â Los Angeles is where America’s dreams and nightmares got all tangled up Sunny days dissolved into noir nights In this otherworldly place of seemingly everlasting life death could have an otherworldly uality too In a city where anything was possible even the ghastly could hLos Angeles is where America’s dreams and nightmares got all tangled up Sunny days dissolved into noir nights In this otherworldly place of seemingly everlasting life death could have an otherworldly uality too In a city where anything was possible even the ghastly could happen In a land where illusion and reality were inseparable so are fake immortality and authentic deathIt’s all distilled to its purest form in Los Angeles Where else does a list. One of a series of guidebooks showing you where crimes took place in different areas of the US kind of like a guided tour Ron Franscell takes you on a bloody murder tour this time of Los Angeles one crime scene at a time Until you know it's most famous macabre history inside and out From the better known ones like the Black Dahlia and Manson O J and the Onion Field slayers to lesser known and older crimes It's very thorough showing both addresses and GPS coordinates for most locations to get you as close as possible to where it actually happened This guide book has photos and lots to satisfy the true crime lover who likes to see where the crimes really happened and maybe wants to try to go see it for themselves if it's accessible My thanks to NetGalley WildBlue Press and the author for giving me an ARC in return for my honest review

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Of a city’s top five most recognized citizens include a mass murderer Where else are ordinary inhumanities turned to entertainment Where else is the line between reality and fantasy so razor thin This book takes you thereNow you can stand in the footsteps of Manson the Hillside Strangler the Night Stalker the Black Dahlia’s killer and the Onion Field slayers You can see the crime scenes where Hollywood’s weird history took fatal turns for OJ Si. “Crime Buff’s Guide to Outlaw Los Angeles” is the seventh in Ron Franscell’ popular Crime Buff’s Guide series this one set where I live the greater Los Angeles and Southern California area I couldn’t wait to find out about the people and places in my local area’s crime past Geography is the star of this book Franscell has done comprehensive research and the book includes the geographic locations descriptions and of course GPS location of every crime location from Hollywood Orange County and the Inland Empire to San Diego and beyond The directions are specific and complete for example “Look on the west side of Whittier for a concrete sewer drain between a streetlight and a tree There’s a manhole cover in the street” Most of the locations are private property so he also cautions readers NOT to plunge onto private property Crime in LA is not limited to Hollywood celebrities although of course there are a lot of them included The crime journey includes politicians pioneers writers Wild West heroes serial killers terrorists and of course law enforcement personnel and the innocent victims Franscell’s guide covers the range of time from the mid 1800 to the past few years and contains complete details about the crime itself the people involved and many times where people are buriedThank you NetGalley WildBlue Press and Ron Franscell for a great adventure in true crime I loved the virtual tour and can’t wait to visit some of the public sites

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Crime Buffs Guide to Outlaw Los AngelesMpson John Belushi Ramon Novarro Phil Hartman Dorothy Stratten Sal Mineo and so many others You can wander among the graves of victims criminals and great lawmen and women It will point the way to the precise location of some of America’s deadliest made for TV crimes like the 1974 SLA shootout and the Christopher Dorner manhunt And you’ll read about cases you never knew existed but that sent out grim ghostly ripples that have washed across decades. Fair play disclaimer I write for WildBlue Press and was provided a digital copy of this book to review at my option I chose to write this review because well I liked the bookI recently wrote a blog post on people who visit crime scenes I was behind the curve – Ron Francell recognized this a long time ago His “Outlaw” series of books explore a city or region unearthing long lost true crime treasures These books are a gentle mix of history true crime and travel guide – a uniue if not compelling combination I’ve read two of his books in this series and the new one Outlaw Los Angeles was a rollercoaster ride through the sordid and violent history of LA As with all of the books in the series Ron provides GPS coordinates of crime scenes and grave sites for those that want to experience the locale themselvesI have long maintained that if you want to know the history of a city or its people look to the crimes that defined them Franscell has done an outstanding job of taking us through the eerie and sometimes bizarre past of the City of Angels I went in looking for the crimes I knew about the Black Dahlia for example What stunned me were the number of crimes I knew nothing about Even with Discovery ID covering so many historical crimes Franscell has dug up a myriad of intriguing and captivating true crime yarnsThe coverage of cold cases in the book was good balancing storytelling with facts Franscell provides a good overview of them often outlining the various suspects You have to bear in mind with some of these cases the numbers of suspects could be long and tedious The author thankfully does not delve into every crackpot theoryNone of these are very long making this a perfect beach read Ron knows just how deep to take the reader into the subject without diving down any rabbit holes His prose are witting and wry at times with obvious care to entertain the reader I found myself humbled at some of his text in the Manson chapter Franscell sets the bar pretty high for those of us in the genreIt was a smart move to dedicate a chapter to Charles Manson To have included it any other fashion would have been a distraction With all of the locations he has tagged in the text you are tricked into realizing the scope of the Manson family’s reign of terrorThis is not the kind of true crime book that breaks new ground nor does it claim that it does Instead it provides a wonderful tapestry of the darker side of Los Angeles in a comprehensive and entertaining format Outlaw Los Angeles is a tour guide for every true crime fan that visits the city – written by one of the contemporary masters of the craft