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Free download Of Literature and Lattes º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook µ Katherine Reay returns to the cozy and delightful town of Winsome where two people discover the grace of letting go and the joy found in unexpected changeAfter fleeing her hometown three years earlier Alyssa Harrison never planned to return Then the SilKatherine Reay returns to the cozy and delightful town of Winsome where two people discover the grace of letting go and the joy found in unexpected changeAfter fleeing her hometown three years earlier Alyssa Harrison never planned to return Then the Silicon Valley start up she worked for collapsed and turned her world upside down She is broke under FBI investigation and without a place to go Having exhausted every option she comes ho. Rounding up from 35 starsOf Literature Lattes is Katherine Reay’s follow up to The Printed Letter Bookshop which I finally read and reviewed just last week In this new novel we return to the town of Winsome Illinois — home of an amazing bookstore lots of cute shops and people who get what community is all aboutThe story follows two main characters Alyssa returning with dread to her hometown after a disastrous stint in Silicon Valley and Jeremy a grown up with a sad childhood behind him looking to spend time with his daughter and investing everything in a new coffee shopFor Alyssa nothing has worked out as intended and she seems like the walking embodiment of someone having baggage After her parents’ divorce three years earlier she sided with her father cut her mother out of her life and moved as far away as she could get Alyssa’s magic with numbers and coding landed her a great job at a medical start up — but her world crashes down sudddenly when it turns out that the company was nothing but a fraud and what’s worse provided false information to people about future diagnoses of awful illnessesWracked by guilt and totally broke Alyssa has no choice but to head home — where nothing is as expected Alyssa’s mother is Janet one of the main characters in The Printed Letter Bookshop and Janet has changed dramatically Alyssa expects to be able to hide out at her father’s apartment but instead he forces her to face her mother As Janet and Alyssa spend time together they form new understandings and realize that they have a lot of work to do to overcome the harmful patterns of their past if they ever hope to have a relationship in the futureMeanwhile life for Jeremy is complicated too His 7 year old daughter Becca lives nearby and he’s relocated from Seattle to be with her Jeremy invested all his savings into buying the local coffee shop from its retiring owner dreaming of turning it into a modern successful business The problem is the locals don’t share his vision — and as he transforms the cozy shabby coffee shop into something sleek and streamlined the daily traffic plummetsJeremy is a good guy and his heart is in the right place but he has to learn to step back and understand what community is all about if his business is going to survive — and if he’s serious about creating a new home for himself and for BeccaThere’s a lot to love about Of Literature Lattes First of all the town of Winsome is just as charming as in the previous book It’s an idealized version of small town homey ness and wouldn’t we all love to find a place like that to belongThe people here seem to really care about one another and while yes they are all up in each other’s business a little than I’d personally care for this connection comes out in all sorts of ways that are heart warming and importantAlyssa and Janet spend a lot of this book at odds and it’s messy and a little terrible but also feels real Their dynamic goes back years and has as much to do with Janet’s feelings of inadeuacy and dissatisfaction as with their actual relationship It’s not easy for them to sort out all the ways in which they’ve hurt and misunderstood one another but over the course of their months together they make major strides — and find that they both truly want to make things betterFor Jeremy the relationship with his ex Krista is difficult and his business isn’t going as he’d hoped He starts off very focused on his own vision — an outsider who thinks he knows what the town needs It’s only when he allows himself to admit that he needs to learn that he starts to connect with the community in a real way realizing that a coffee shop that’s perfect but lacks heart just isn’t going to cut itOnce again I really enjoyed the author’s way of weaving personal stories into a bigger picture of a community I enjoyed seeing the familiar characters from the previous story as well as meeting Alyssa and Jeremy and seeing how they fit into the greater wholeWhile Of Literature Lattes could work as a stand alone I’d recommend reading The Printed Letter Bookshop first I’m glad I did OLL is touching and lovely but it’s so much richer when set into the context of the larger story and I think without the previous book many of the connections would have gone right by me without leaving an impressionAnother heart warming story from author Katherine Reay — and yes plenty of book talk too With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the review copy

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Nection but what he needs most is someone to help him save his floundering business After asking for her help he wonders if something might grow between them but forces beyond their control soon complicate their already complex lives and the future they both hoped for is not at all what they anticipatedWith the help of Winsome’s small town charm and uirky residents Alyssa and Jeremy discover the beauty and romance of second chances. I thought that this book was going to be everything that I like Small town romance book and coffee What I got was characters I couldn't relate to fights between ex's teenage angst and cheap christianity I was not aware that this book is christian fiction and I would have avoided it like the plague but alas here we are Alyssa has moved back to her hometown after her company is raided by the FBI She has to live with her estranged mom They get into these weird angsty fights because Alyssa's mom cheated a few years ago and her parents ended up getting a divorce I understand being upset that your parent cheated but why all the angst Parents are adults and you don't know what happened during the marriage I wasn't prepared for the constant fights and was over them fast Jeremy moved to the small town to be closer to his daughter but just ends up fighting with his ex More fights I did like the scenes with Becca but that is not what I expected from a romance book Someone needs to tell Jeremy and Alyssa that being tall and liking coffee does not make a personality The book has these weird transitions that follow anyone and anything so we can keep up with the small town One transition follows the town stray cat which was weird but I wasn't mad at it I was mad that I had to keep up with all the residents of the town Shout out to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in advance in exchange for an honest review

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Of Literature and LattesMe to Winsome Illinois to regroup then move on as uickly as possible Yet as friends and family welcome her back Alyssa begins to see a place for herself in this small Midwestern communityJeremy Mitchell moved from Seattle to Winsome to be near his daughter and to open the coffee shop he’s been dreaming of for years Problem is the business is bleeding money and he’s not uite sure why When he meets Alyssa he senses an immediate con. A uick charming read set in a picturesue small town of Winsome IL Of Literature and Lattes by Katherine Reay is a book about second chances family friendship and forgiveness There's also a whiff of romance Small personal stories combine together as a story of the whole community Although I highly recommend reading The Printed Letter Bookshop before picking this up because in my humble opinion it's not a standalone but a seuel to the former There is plenty of character overlap some stories are continued and as a reader one will gain a lot perspective if the first book is read prior to this one Overall a heartwarming read that's bound to delight Thank you Booksparks for my free gifted copy as part of Summer Reading Challenge #SRC2020