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Swimming HomeIth her aunt Louisa Catherine feels that everything she values has been stripped awayLouisa a busy confident London surgeon who fought boldly for euality for women holds definite views on the behaviour of her young niece She wants Catherine to pursue an education just as she did to ensure her future freedom Since Catherine arrived however Louisa's every step seems to be wrong and she is finding it harder and harder to block painful me. I received this book from The Reading Room and Allen Unwin to review It’s with many thanks that I do so I really enjoyed this book and I give it a solid 4 stars It took me a long time to come to like Louisa – a surgeon in London who devotes her entire life to helping the poor but didn’t have much compassion for her young niece although that did develop along the way Catherine the young niece looses her family and is taken from the only island home she has known and loved Sadly what Louisa wants in life for Catherine is different to what Catherine wantsThis book set in a time after the first war has been done very well You know and are drawn back to 1925 very convincingly Although I’m not into swimming it’s just something that has always been there for holidays and kids swimming carnivals – the book did get me thinking as to how difficult it was for women to get into swimming back then Not something that had ever crossed my mind before and the way people thought about women swimming professionally in that time period was astoundingIf you pick up this book make sure you have a good chance to get into it as I found at the beginning it goes from present to past and when I put the book down struggled to work out where I was again But after that and when sticking to the present it flows better then And with a couple of twists and turns by the end that I didn’t expect I found this a really good compelling read Thanks to The Reading Room an Allen Unwin for my ARC copy to read and review

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The lone swimmer turning over now to switch to a perfectly executed back crawl wasn't Oxford or Cambridge wasn't a man It was a woman a girl It was Catherine Of course it was CatherineIt's 1925 and fifteen year old Catherine uick longs to feel once the warm waters of her home to strike out into the ocean off the Torres Strait Islands and swim as she's done since she was a tiny child But with her recent move to London where she lives w. Great heartfelt historical novel This is my first novel by Mary Rose MacColl but will not be my last Her mastery of allowing you to see hear smell and feel the words on the page is a rare gift Her characters spring off the page and are those who you wish were your neighbors This novel is about two very strong determined female characters They are brought together by the death of a fatherbrother Aunt and niece have lived very different lives one prim and proper sans children the other unkempt active and carefree One from Australia forced out of her element the other from London who goes back to her normal routine Once this match is made it is obvious that things must change niece Cathrine loves to swim has always swam Aunt Louisa resumes her duties as a doctor and insists Catherine's etiuette and education come first Enters Manfred Lear Black a rich American banker and all status uo is shattered Thank you to First to Read for the digital ARC

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Read & Download Swimming Home è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ The lone swimmer turning over now to switch to a perfectly executed back crawl wasn't Oxford or Cambridge wasn't a man It was a woman a girl It was Catherine Of course it was CatherineIt's 1925 and fifteen year old Catherine uick longs to feel once the waMories from her pastIt takes the influence of enigmatic American banker Manfred Lear Black to convince Louisa to come to New York where Catherine can test her mettle against the first women in the world to swim the English Channel And where unexpectedly Louisa can finally listen to what her own heart tells herLike Mary Rose MacColl's bestselling novel In Falling Snow Swimming Home tells a story of ordinary women who became extraordina. I find myself drawn to books about water and swimming and I had an abundance of both in this bookCatherine grew up in an idyllic location in the Torres Strait with her father; her mother having died when she was an infant Following the death of her father Catherine now 15 years moves to London to be with her aunt Through her young life Catherine had loved swimming and this continued with Catherine training and competing in the USA before attempting to swim the English Channel You'll have to read the book to see if she makes itCatherine is a very likeable character and one you want to come out on top and be happy Her aunt Louisa infuriated me and I really couldn't stand her for much of the book Having such a visceral reaction to her was a sign to me of a well drawn character There is a lot packed into this book thematically Suffrage secrets relationships; what makes someone kin; pressure; the role of media The theme I found most interesting was the focus on suffrage and the difference in how women approached this Louisa a doctor was a pioneer in her field and was a strong advocate of women's rights However she didn't understand or have empathy for women who were fighting for euality in areas other than employment for example sport swimmingWhat really shines for me with this book though were the scenes set on Thursday Island I could smell the coconut and the salt water I could feel the sun beating and see it glinting in the water These scenes were contrasted with Catherine's experience of London I can't speak highly enough of those scenes set on Thursday Island they were incredibly evocative and I wish there had been With thanks to the publisher and Goodreads First Reads for this copy to read and review