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Free read You Were Made For Me ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ The day I created a boy started out like any otherKatie didn't mean to create a boy A boy like a long lost Hemsworth brother six foot tall with floppy hair and eyes like the sky on a clear summer's day; whose lips taste like cookie dough and whose skin smells liSkin smells like springtimeA boy who is completely devoted to KatieHe was meant to be perfectBut he was never meant to exist. Thank you so much to Pan Macmillan Australia for providing me with a copy of You Were Made for Me in exchange for an honest review Actual rating 35 starsKate is 16 and never been kissed  She's certain she's never going to meet the perfect boy and she knows exactly what that perfect boy would be like  She's even gone as far as to make him out of clay with her best friend Libby  But that night something ultra weird happens when Kate goes to bed Laying her clay boy down next to her and giving it a kiss she wakes up to a real life boy  Naked  In her bed  As the book progresses in a series of conversations where Kate and Libby tell the story up to the present day the idea of the perfect boyfriend starts to not live up to the reality  This book was fun and fluffy  The kind of read to pick up when you need a break from heavier topics or you're looking for a beach read  It was one of those books that was somewhat predictable but still enjoyable  The way it was written as a conversation between the two girls did take some getting used to At times it felt a bit clunky and I lost the flow of the writing but it was definitely a uniue way to tell a story  The characters also seemed uite young to me  They were 16 which IS young of course but they seemed so naive and younger than I expected  This may be due to 16 year olds acting much older in so many YA books saving the world and what not that reading typical 16 year old characters seems strange now but they still felt that way throughout the story particularly the main characterI do sometimes struggle with YA contemporary due to being so much older than the target audience and not uite connecting to the teenage angst but I think this one will be a fantastic fit for younger YA readers who are looking for a sweet rom com like book

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Six foot tall with floppy hair and eyes like the sky on a clear summer's day; whose lips taste like cookie dough and whose. The plot of this reminded me a little bit of the 80s movie Weird Science where a couple of geeks create a ‘perfect woman’ through computer hackery and an accidental power surge In You Were Made For Me it’s two girls Katie and Libby who create a ‘perfect boy’ through a combination of Katie’s clay modelling skills and some accidental alchemy from Libby Katie’s the driving force here the primary storyteller though Libby interjects occasionally and the one who needs a ‘Hemsworth’ because Katie has never been kissed and at sixteen she thinks it’s about timeThis is just utterly completely charming Though it’s delicately infused with Australian flavour many of the story’s themes would be relatable to teens the world over cyber bullying relationship drama struggles with figuring out one’s sexuality or lack thereof lovely to see an asexual character represented figuring out a teen’s evolving place within different kinds of family units It has the feel of a teen movie I was imagining the young Heath Ledger from 10 Things I Hate About You in the role of Guy and I genuinely hope it does actually get made into a movie hopefully in Australia because the local flavour of it definitely adds to its charm Everything about it was an absolute delightFive stars for a wonderfully imaginative and funny Australian YA story with a relatable heroine and an awesome cast of diverse charactersDisclaimer I received a review copy of this title via NetGalley

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You Were Made For MeThe day I created a boy started out like any otherKatie didn't mean to create a boy A boy like a long lost Hemsworth brother. Let's summarise Single Katie wants a dreamboat boyfriend for her very first kiss So what happens when you wake up in the middle of the night with six feet of solid yet alluringly strange boy hunk in your bed Freak the hell outA dash of handsomeness a pinch of blonde dreamy locks a sprinkle of smoking hot body and generous amounts of kindness and you too can create your very own Guy Of course there's to the recipe and lots of sciencey goodness but now Katie has a very real and very much naked Guy in her room staring at her adoringly and content to live under her bed until she knows what to do with himGirl have at itThankfully Katie can rely on her always dependable friend and next door neighbour Theo to have her back If it weren't for Guy's weird and wide eyed wonder no one would believe this tall handsome hunk of a boy was only hours old Kate is a natural storyteller and with input from best friend Libby when she starts rambling or using the word tongue far too often than necessary Katie shares her story about creating the perfect boyKatie Libby and Theo aren't part of the popular cliue in fact she and best friend Libby have been the target of the downright nasty and pretentious Mikayla Even her maybe sometimes boyfriend Declan Bell Jones is perfect if only Katie could steal him from Mikayla's taloned clutches Katie's had the hots for him as long as she can remember and all of Libby's eye rolling still isn't enough to douse those burning loins Declan is no Guy and while he may seem nice he's just another wanker with the need to feel adored I believe he's also still looking for his spineYou Were Made For Me is a feel great laugh out loud romantic comedy like a nineties teen film that'll have you swooning and peeing a little regular toilet breaks are highly recommend It's utterly delightful a little bit batshit and hilariously funny We could all use a hefty dose of fun and fluff and this is perfectionWe first meet Katie as she's pining away over the unobtainable boy you know the type he's usually popular his girlfriend is a horrible bitch and he's typically a bit of a dimwit On a girl's night in Kate and bestie Libby are pretending to create the ideal guy Libby ensuring she added a penis because no one deserves plastic genitals Feeling better about her lack of boyfriend and kissing Katie tucks her makeshift tiny boyfriend into bed Sciencey and magical stuffs occur which I believe is the technical term and that is how you end up with a hunk in your bed Probably best not to try this at home kids results may varyWhat ensues is a journey of learning hard lessons and realising that there's no such thing as perfection although Guy comes pretty close A story of friendship awesome friends shitty friends and that guy you thought was hot He's a massive wanker You Were Made For Me also touches on grief Theo having lost his mother to cancer Infidelity someone can't seem to keep their own tongue in their mouth and body shaming Theo is often teased by his family and peers for his weight I loved the diversity of characters There is a discussion surrounding sexuality when a character identifies as asexual and aromantic and it was brilliant to see that spoken about on the page so positively Libby is Filipina Australian she's intelligent witty and an incredibly loyal friend She also experiences taunting and racism at the hands of Mikayla and her minionsJenna Guillaume has cemented herself as Australia's young adult romantic comedy author and my love her her knows no bounds This was absolutely delightful fun fluffy and super cute Also a handy guide when faced with a large ridiculously good looking man doll come to life in your bed while you're asleep