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DOWNLOAD ´ After the War ↠ Didn't the gas ovens finish you all off is the response that meets Ruth Mendenberg when she returns to her village in Poland after the liberation of Buchenwald at the end of World War II Her entire family wiped out in the Holocaust the fifteen year old girl has nowhere to go Members of the underground organization Brichah find hS adventure will touch readers who will marvel at the resources and inner strength of mere children helping other children to find a place in this world in which they can belong Carol Matas one of the foremost authors of historical fiction brings the desperation and passion of this remarkable journey to lif. After the war by Carol Matas is an eventful and interesting book to read This books deals with the Holocaust and I am really interested in it so this book was very easy for me to read and understand When this girl named Ruth goes home to find that her family is gone and has no idea what has happened to them this guy finds her sitting on a curb by herself so he helps her to get away from her home town Recently Ruth had survived Auschwitz Now on their journey to Palestine they must not give their cover up so they can start over with a new life Throughout this book Ruth and the other Jews face challenges on survival getting to a land where they can be who they are Will Ruth find out what happened to her family Will she make it to Palestine Will she start to feel again Read this book and you'll find out I really liked this book and I think anybody who reads it will like it

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Ization Brichah find her and she joins them in their dangerous uest to smuggle illegal immigrants to Palestine Ruth risks her life to help lead a group of children on a daring journey over half a continent and across the sea to Eretz Israel using secret routes and forged documents and sheer force of willThi. Ruth Mendenberg’s world was turned upside down by World War II For years she lived in a concentration camp enduring hideous conditions Upon her release she comes to believe that she is the only survivor in her entire family She has nowhere to go and worst of all she is alone Through a random encounter with a stranger she ends up joining an organization that smuggles illegal immigrants to Palestine and is tasked with the job of helping to lead a group of children from Poland to Palestine The journey that ensues is one that reuires bravery and secrecy and the weary group encounter both difficulties and joys along the way At the core of this book though is the story of the journey that Ruth sets out on Not a physical journey but a journey of the heart The awful realities of the war are imprinted on her mind and her heart is seemingly frozen She’s simply going through the motions – she has receded into a state of numbness Hearing the tragic stories of so many people is hard but it’s even harder to share her own She sometimes thaws a little and begins to show some love and affection but as soon as the possibility of getting hurt arises she recedes again After the War is the story of Ruth’s heart being slowly put back together piece by piece It’s the story of her torn heart healingAfter the War was an enjoyable read It’s uite short so can be completed in a couple of hours depending on your reading speedOne of the things I didn’t like about it was how fast the story moved The plot progressed really uickly too uickly I think More time was needed on most aspects of it and the whole story felt choppy because of the speed If the author had developed the characters and gone deeper into each part of the story it would have been a lot better Historical context and development would have been nice too The ending was uite predictable and while it was technically a satisfactory ending I didn’t like it for various reasons that I won’t mention because they would spoil it DIt wasn’t all bad though I liked that this book dealt with the story of someone after the war rather than during it We often hear only about what happened during the war and forget that things didn’t go back to ‘normal’ for some time War torn countries went through long healing processes as did war torn people Those who survived had to heal physically mentally and emotionally and that was not easy process Through one main person this book gave an insightful look into what the lives of so many were like during the first few years after the war Despite the shortcomings of this book it was still an interesting read I recommend this book for ages 12 and give it 3 out of 5 stars


After the WarDidn't the gas ovens finish you all off is the response that meets Ruth Mendenberg when she returns to her village in Poland after the liberation of Buchenwald at the end of World War II Her entire family wiped out in the Holocaust the fifteen year old girl has nowhere to go Members of the underground organ. I read this as a buddy read with Hilary and we each read an Open Library edition Thanks to Hilary for finding a book that had 2 editions of the same book identical copies I think available for borrowing immediately We read this over 4 days and read at the same time which was really a fun way to do a buddy read It was a really uick read It could be read easily in one day and even in one sittingIt’s such a short novel and most novels with so few pages are written for children I had this on my children’s and on my young adult shelf but so many of the events were so brutal Too brutal for children in my opinion There is also a bit of romance that would probably not interest most children so I took it off my children’s shelf For young adultadult it was too short I wished it had been longer and included details about characters events I wanted fleshed out characters I was okay with not all the characters being three dimensional enough because this really is Ruth’s story What was there I really enjoyed reading but there just wasn’t enough there to completely satisfy me Also maybe because it was so short and so much had to fit into so few words I noticed many “representative types” for some of the characters Every type of belief system and goal checked That was slightly annoying but only slightly because it did seem real enough to meRuth is a great character She’s barely 15 but posing as older in order to appear less vulnerable I’m in awe of her and many of the children and adult characters in the book I also particularly like Zvi Some of the happenings would seem over the top but I’ve read a lot of Holocaust and post Holocaust books including many non fiction books and everything that happens in the book were the kinds of things that really happened during the war and in the period after the war ended Most of it seemed realistic so in other words highly disturbing I appreciated the psychological sophistication shown about what these people went through and are going through and their coping styles and that the happenings are mostly presented uite realistically in the past in the present and in the future tooBut there are things that rang false These people seemed to know the numbers of how many Jews died in the Holocaust and in Poland My understanding is that European civilians didn’t know these stats in the mid late 40s There were a few other things that seemed unrealistic or off The way the escaping group behaved at one point Also at one point Ruth says she can’t swim and then when needed she swims which didn’t seem possible but then in an old memory she was swimming One part I thought was off wasn’t I did look up when paper plates were invented because I thought maybe that way another “too far in the future thing” to have in this story but I was wrong They’ve been around since the late 1800s I didn’t like that even by the end of the book she never seemed to reveal her real age to Zvi but in this short book even the relationships had to be rushed For all these criticisms I didn’t seem to enjoy the reading experience any less I liked it a lot 3 12 stars Hilary and I are going to read another book by this author and I’m looking forward to it That said unless I like the next book Lisa’s War better than this one I might not read books by this author She writes many books that seem similar to this one There are just so many great books out there This almost was 4 stars for me but it wasn’t and I want all my books to be 5 or 4 stars Reading this book the group of young people trying to get to Palestine and of Cyprus’s role and of a Sabra made me want to watch the movie Exodus again and to read that book