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N all too well though he too is willing to hope for when he meets and falls in love with Celia the local bar owner The Deep South gives these noble broken and driven folks the gift of human connection while bestowing upon them the crippling weight of generations With broken histories and vagabond hearts the townsfolk wrestle with the evil in the woods and the wickedness that lurks in each and every one of. In a small southern town that has seen better days with people leaving – one way or another – than staying a car with a young boy and his parents end up in Red Bluff their car breaking down as they were trying to make their way anywhere but where they’d come from As this journey began there was a second boy but the man not believing himself to be that boy’s father and not really wanting either boy anyway left him along the way sending him into a store and leaving before he had a chance to return They are poor and there is a hopelessness that surrounds this family The man tries unsuccessfully to rationalize it to the mother but she is also desperate in her own way In Red Bluff the Sheriff tries to help this family but the man rebuffs his offer and they end up with great effort living in their car outside the outskirts of the town Their car now hidden among the kudzu vines not far from the many other things it has ingested in its need to cover everything hiding everything especially the past Among the people of this town is a man Colbert who has returned to Red Bluff after twenty years to face an event that has shaped his life and which he needs to come to terms with He works as a sculptor turning trash into art in a town that seems to be heading in the opposite direction Celia who owns the bar seems to be the only one willing to give Colbert a gesture of friendship or to feed a homeless young boy It is a town filled with the lost and forlorn and a seemingly endless string of heartbreaking and disturbing surprises are unearthed as the days passAnd that’s just the beginningI have read and loved every one of Michael Farris Smith’s books and this was no exception This has some of the dark Southern gothic tones I found in Rivers and the preuel to Rivers In the Beginning the desire for a kinder gentler life against the odds that I found in Desperation Road the brutality of life in The Fighter and the anguish that comes with the waning of hope in The Hands of Strangers It is in short brilliant a work of genius Unsettling without being overly graphic touching and affecting with incredibly beautiful prose Michael Farris Smith has crafted his best yet Pub Date 03 Mar 2020Many thanks for the ARC provided by Little Brown and Company

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BlackwoodIn this timeless mythical tale of unforgiving justice and elusive grace rural Mississippi townsfolk shoulder the pain of generations as something dangerous lurks in the enigmatic kudzu of the woods The town of Red Bluff Mississippi has seen better days though those who've held on have little memory of when that was Myer the county's aged sardonic lawman still thinks it can prove itself when confronted by a. The talented Michael Farris Smith's latest Southern gothic novel is hard edged gritty and uncompromising in its bleak vision and darkness with its anatomy of a dying small town Red Bluff at which unnamed drifters a man woman and boy arrive after their car breaks down They have discarded one young boy earlier unable to afford to keep him they are ragged desperate and starving Smith asks deep philosophical and religious uestions in his narrative as the drifters settle amidst the lush landscape of kudzu vines vines that harbour the past secrets swallowing homes and any signs of humanity with ease It's a veritable Garden of Eden with its original sin with its serpent of horror the sinister bearing the heavy weight of history and past generations This is a tale of broken people of despair physical and mental pain madness and guilt of lives forged in hell and tragedyAs a boy in 1956 Colbert experiences a disturbing trauma he is now returning to Red Bluff in 1976 responding to the town's offer of free abandoned storefronts for musicians writers and artists in return for maintaining the building He is a junkyard sculptor with an inner need to understand his past thinking no one will remember him in fact it seems as if no one has forgotten him Sheriff Myer wanted to help the drifters move on and seeing they are not going to feels the town will respond to their needs He is to be sorely disappointed as the woman and boy scavenge among the garbage to be judged rejected and found wanting Celia the bar owner tries to feed the boy but he is like a wild animal and takes a while before taking up her offer Colbert finds love when he least expected to but the trauma from the past still has him in its hold As madness loss violence and grief take their toll we see souls seeking evidence that they exist some form of connection with others rather than the neglect and indifference that is their lot Smith's harsh realism portrays a town that only acts when twin boys go missing followed by the disappearance of Celia What lurks hidden amongst the Kudzu vines is the terror of nightmares a malignant presence that pulsates with a life and a voice of its own There is little in the way of light but there are glimmers of hope love and redemption in the depiction of a town broken folk and splintered families This is a utterly gripping read of lost dreams and lives of never ending pain and misery a litany of life's horrors that its impossible to look away from an allegory of the troubled and disturbing world we live in today A must read that packs a huge punch and which I recommend highly Many thanks to No Exit Press and Oldcastle Books

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DOWNLOAD ´ Blackwood Á In this timeless mythical tale of unforgiving justice and elusive grace rural Mississippi townsfolk shoulder the pain of generations as something dangerous lurks in the enigmatic kudzu of the woods The town of Red Bluff Mississippi has seen better days though those who've held on have little memory of when that was Myer the county's agedStrange family of drifters the sheriff believes that the people of Red Bluff can be accepting rational even good The opposite is true this is a landscape of fear and ghosts of regret and violence transformed by the kudzu vines that have enveloped the hills around it swallowing homes cars rivers and hiding a terrible secret deeper still Colburn a junkyard sculptor who's returned to Red Bluff knows this pai. Coulter arrives in Red Bluff a declining Mississippi town in his scrappy flatbed truck his past is callingA family of sorts arrive at the same time Living well below the radar they are poverty stricken and distrustful The father figure a wild malevolent force drags the ‘the woman’ and ‘the boy’ helplessly in his wakeHow the newcomers rub up against the locals and how each individual story collides is at the heart of this tale A tale that lurches from the everyday to the darkly mystical We’re in familiar Michael Farris Smith country people don’t say much there’s an air of melancholy the action is gritty and there’s a jaded realism not too many laughsThe lonely town is surrounded by forest and Kudzu I had to look this up is used as a constant metaphor The unstoppable invasive vine whose heavy green leaf smothers everything in its path is pressing in from all directions and adds to the claustrophobic atmosphere and feeling of creeping doomCoulton is an urban artist metalworking discarded junk but this side of his character is never really examined or developed and this was part of the reason that for me Blackwood didn’t uite live up to Desperation Road my first Michael Farris Smith novelBlackwood is a short book and it seemed there was never uite enough time to fully build backstories relationships motives etc So much happens in each strand of the dramatic narrative that parts inevitably felt a bit rushed However I love MFS’s tough poetic writing and as usual there are some fine character studies and a plot that is pitch black and haunting Not his best maybe but still very good