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READ Ü Little Stars (Hetty Feather, #5) ì Hetty and Diamond uickly become the Little Stars of Mrs Ruby’s show alongside many colourful acts – including an old friend from Hetty’s past Flirty Bertie But the Cavalcade proves a dangerous place and Hetty must fight to protect her darling Diamond who longs for a normal childhood Meanwhile HFight to protect her darling Diamond who longs for a normal childhood Meanwhile Hetty struggles to understand her feelings for Bertie – and for Jem whom she has never forgottenHetty dreams of a glittering future for. Not actually overly impressed with this book At the age of 20 I'm still keeping up to date with the Hetty Feather series after falling in love with it aged 14 but although the story of this volume was interesting especially in terms of Hetty's further development into adulthood I found it unfulfilling in relation to the story of the whole series I felt like Jem and Janet's wedding should have been a greater climax rather than a short couple of chapters in the middle of the book and honestly I was expecting them to come back into the story towards the end of the book with some dramatic twist I felt as though the end of the book was a bit of an anti climax Although it was great to read about Hetty's breakthrough with acting the fact remained that poor Diamond was still not given her happy ending Although Hetty had told her she didn't have to act any and she was pleased to have Madame Adeline and Bertie with her the fact remains that she still doesn't have the normal childhood she craves and deserves I don't know if Jacueline Wilson is planning on writing another volume in this series I greatly hope she will but if she does I would very much like to see Hetty and Diamond in a much stable place by the end of it Settled in a proper home with Hetty finally happy perhaps with Bertie though I never really favoured him as a love interest for her and Diamond finally freed from the burden of earning money and being allowed to enjoy the rest of her carefree years as a child


Hetty and Diamond uickly become the Little Stars of Mrs Ruby’s show alongside many colourful acts – including an old friend from Hetty’s past Flirty Bertie But the Cavalcade proves a dangerous place and Hetty must. This is the second Jacueline Wilson book I’ve read aloud to my daughter and we loved it When I purchased it I did not realize it was one of a series but that did not matter We’ll read something by someone else next but I plan to return to this series in the near future probably with Hetty FeatherA few reviews by Jacueline Wilson fans expressed disappointment with this one which is great news to me If the earlier ones make this a let down wowAt the start of this book Hetty and her younger friend Diamond are traveling across part of England on a penny farthing They hope to get employed as music hall artistes at a place called the Cavalcade They have just escaped a circus an event that is apparently covered in a previous bookEarlier events and characters are often alluded to but it did not confuse In fact it piued my interest in Hetty and her other adventuresHetty is a great character She’s smart and resourceful and caring Diamond needs someone and Hetty is there for her while being a convincing sixteen or seventeen year old Hetty is full of vim When Diamond acts her age Hetty keeps her going The writing was great The author describes the countryside and the scrumptious cooking there and a bawdy audience in a music hall with eual panache The other characters no matter how small their role are deftly and deeply portrayed from the landlady Ms Gibson to Hetty’s role models Mrs Ruby and Miss Marina Royal Everyone is not perfect and Hetty is somewhat innocent For example she doesn’t get all the suggestive jokes she hears performed on stage they are not shared with the reader but she’s wise enough to try to avoid a man Samson whose interest in her is clearly inappropriate and would definitely damage her reputation Occasionally once in a long while I worried the material was a little too mature for a second grader assuming she picked up on it but ultimately I think it was okay Samson is as sinister as any undead His lurking presence is a good lesson I think especially for the older readers who are probably reading this independently Sexuality is not demonised though; Hetty flirts with Bertie and it's fineThe story takes place in earlier times When exactly was unclear to me which occasionally felt like a shortcoming but most of the time I did not mind So much was excellent

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Little Stars Hetty Feather #5Herself and Diamond The bright lights of the London theatre world beckon – will Hetty become a true starStarring a cast of wonderful characters both old favourites and new this is the fifth fabulous Hetty Feather stor. The story of Hetty Feather’s life continues with this latest absorbing novel about the feisty young heroineFifteen year old Hetty Feather and eight year old Diamond have escaped from Tanglefield’s Travelling Circus Hetty a foundling had run away to join the circus and succeeded as a clever young ringmaster although she discovered it was a hard life Diamond was the star of the Silver Tumblers acrobatic act Unfortunately a cruel clown Beppo who trained the acrobats had half starved Diamond and beat her fiercely if she made even a slight mistake Hetty realised the circus was a tawdry place and determined to rescue Diamond from Beppo Together the two girls fled on the clown’s penny farthing bicycle and set off in search of the Cavalcade Music Hall where they could make a better life for themselves by performing on the stageThe people the girls meet the friends they make the dangers they encounter and the glamorous music hall entertainers they accompany all make fascinating reading Hetty’s and Diamond’s adventures are a marvellous tale of theatrical life based on the stage stars of early daysThere’s drama peril sadness a budding romance and happy times skilfully woven into the fabric of Hetty’s story She’s a plucky heroine and this fifth book about her trials and triumphs will appeal to intermediate age readers who enjoy an entertaining historical novelReviewed by Jean Bennett Bookrapt