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More Than a MistressHe is her prizebut will she be his mistress Surely Travis Baron is a man for whom any woman would want to bid Blisteringly handsome and immensely successful the corporate lawyer is the possible heir. Re More Than a Mistress Sandra Marton continues her Baron's series this one features the oldest misogynist Baron scion and a his pursuit of a socialite hThis book is very non pc If you like the old skool little lady type chauvinistic H's of the 1970's this will be right up your alleyThe h is a divorced heiress whose controlling and patronizing father married her off to an emotionally abusive sadistic bully When the h found her husband in bed with her supposed BFF she finally had a reason for divorce and kicked him to the curb ASAPThe vindictive ex and the ex BFF then spread it all about that the h was a frigid spoilt rich witch and the h happens to overhear two other socialite women repeating that remark at a charity event This spurs the h into glamming herself up and placing the winning bid on the H at a charity bachelor auctionThe H kinda got conned into participating but his giant ego is expanded even further when the h pays 20000 for him The H and every other character in the story assumes the h is paying for the H to demonstrate his well known lady lurving skillz But after the h and H have a semi public gropey roofie kissing moment and some sharp words about public decency the embarrassed h pulls herself together and then leavesThere is a bunch of sexist and patronizing H thoughts while the h is ashamed of herself for acting like a tart Then the H decides that he needs to force a lurve club event on the h because how dare she buy him be groped by him and then leave him hanging without a public bangingThe H shows up at the h's house forces his way inside and the assaults her only SM passes it off as eventual mutual forced seduction This leads to 9 chapters of the h being subjected to misogynistic tart shaming from the H when he isn't teaching the h to drive a high powered sports car and instigating all sorts of lurve club eventsThere is seuel baiting at the H's father's big party where we see glimpses of the other brother's story lines SM finally realizes that she is going to have to do some major last minute rehab of the H's character because aside from giving the h some purple passion climactic moments this H is as abusive as the h's slime slurping ex husband So SM pulls out the big guns and has the h become very ill with flu Using the patented Penny Jordan Sponging ® techniues the H spends five days demonstrating his caring side and soothing wiping techniues upon the h who is falling in love with the H The h is finally comfortable sleeping with the H and thinks they are having a mutual relationship Until the H tells his brother the h is only a bit than a mistress and the h overhears and dumps himThe h goes off to her vineyard that the H was supposed to buy for his father to have herself an unreuited love mopey moment The H chases after in the middle of a bad storm and when he gets to the h's he again forces his way inBut this time the H declares he loves the h and he wants to marry her the h declares her love back and agrees to be married We leave the two of them happy and keeping the vineyard for their soon to be family while we await the next Baron brother slated for HP bliss and the big HEAThis book was just a Typhoon of Tackiness and I totally wasn't feelin' the love I also had to frown upon the forced seduction events But to be fair I don't like most SM HP voyages anyways If you like the old skool semi cruel domineering H this will be right in your wheelhouse The HEA is believable enough and it was a very nice job of H Redemptive Sponging ™ to get to the end of a mediocre HPlandia outing

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Summary More Than a Mistress 108 ↠ He is her prizebut will she be his mistress Surely Travis Baron is a man for whom any woman would want to bid Blisteringly handsome and immensely successful the corporate lawyer is the possible heir to Espada his father's sprawling ranch and he's up for grabs at a charity auction But when Alexandra Thorpe wins Travis for tD thousands of dollars on Travisand then just walked away Travis is determined to pursue the lady who bought him and exact his own price THE BARONS FOUR BROTHERS BONDED BY INHERITANCE BATTLING FOR LO. This book has one of my least favorite kinds of heroes The guy who takes one look at the beautiful heroine and is certain that she desires him as much as he desires her Given his certainty about her interest in him sexually he begins throwing out the most godawful pick up lines Things like “You need me and I need you And I promise you we’ll satisfy our needs before the night ends” Instead of the heroine being turned off or freaked out or just amused by such obnoxiousness she is actually turned on PLEASEMy second problem with this book is the way it portrays the heroine’s ex husband Apparently they split up because she was frigid in bed He of course informed his new wife of this and she promptly spread the news around the social circles that Alexandra inhabits I can buy this as a legitimate plot devise to send the heroine to bachelor auction looking for a stud What I can’t buy is how later in the book when Travis is trying to convince Alexandra to get her kink on in the bedroom she admits to feeling uncomfortable because her ex’ had always told her it wasn’t ladylike to do certain sexual things This seems like a raging contradiction to me Did the ex’ dump Alexandra because she was frigid or did he keep her frigid on purposeThe book manages to earn three stars because Alexandra eventually gets her act together and stands up to the hero treating her like a disposable girlfriend but this definitely isn’t something I’m ever going to pick up again

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To Espada his father's sprawling ranch and he's up for grabs at a charity auction But when Alexandra Thorpe wins Travis for the weekend she doesn't claim her prize Why has the cool blond beauty stake. Once again I was annoyed first by the first novel of The Baron series and second by the second book I almost want to give up and throw in the towel on this series I've read a few books out of the series which I haven't reviewed yet and found them lacking The hero annoyed me to no end he seemed to think that because he was a Baron and heroine was a woman that she would want him and fall into his bed easily It really made me detest him and men in the real world who are like him Now the heroine actually believed that this behavior was politically correct and shows interest in him barfs I wasn't amused