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The Last OutlawsThe Old West was coming to an endTwo legendary outlaws refused to go with it Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as leaders of the Wild Bunch they planned and executed the most daring bank and train robberies of the day with a professionalism never before seen by authorities For several years at the end of the 1890s the two friends along with a revolving cast who made up their band of thieves eluded local law enforcement and bounty hunters all while stealing from the rich bankers and eastern railroad corporations who e. Received from Gloodreads first reads giveawayThis was a fantastic book Very well written and extensively researched Most of us have seen the movie staring Robert Redford and Paul Newman andor have basic knowledge of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid This book is great if you want to learn a lot about them their crimes their escapes associates and exploits This book begins by taking us back to their origins their childhood their upbrining and their first experience with crime Their stories are told individually and then together after they met and became members of the Wild Bunch Their exploits robberies arrests loves move to South Americ etc are well told in this book I definitely learned a lot about both men and their lives I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in history the wild west crime or who enjoys a good book

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READ É The Last Outlaws ☆ The Old West was coming to an endTwo legendary outlaws refused to go with it Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as leaders of the Wild Bunch they planned and executed the most daring bank and train robberies of the day with a professionalism never before seen by authorities For several years at the end of the 1890s the two friendsEntina and Bolivia Butch and Sundance would find that crime wasn't through with them just yet In The Last Outlaws Thom Hatch brings these memorable characters to life like never before Butch the brains of the outfit; Sundance the man of action; and the men on both sides of the law whom they fought with and against From their early holdup attempts to that fateful day in Bolivia author Thom hatch draws on a wealth of fresh research to go beyond the myth and provide a compelling new look at these legends of the Wild West. This was an interesting read It wasn't the best book I've listened to in a while but it was certainly refreshing after the last two I've listened to The Case for God and The God Delusion While the narrator could have been better he wasn't that badIt was interesting to read a biography of two criminals Usual biographies are of notable figures aka people well known for major events or accomplishments normally positive It was odd to watch the trajectory of the lives of these two men head straight down rather than gradually up as is the regular format for a biographyThat being said a few things bothered me about Hatch's historiography One he uses the phrase for all intents and purposes far too often I'm very thankful that he didn't say for all intensive purposes as many people mistakenly do However that phrase in proper form should be used sparingly Two Hatch occasionally widens the narrative to pieces of general history that at first have no connection to Butch or Sundance Only towards the end of the mini history lesson does Hatch connect it to his main charactersI do have to say that Hatch manages the highly hypothetical nature of the events of Butch and Sundance's life fairly well So much mystery surrounds these men who purposefully left as light a trail of evidence as possible It's easy to see why their lives and stories fascinate so many peopleI enjoyed this book but can't recommend or advise against it The most I can say is that it's not a bad read

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Xploited western land The close calls were many but Butch and Sundance always managed to escape to rob again another day that is until they rode headlong into the 20th century Fenced in range telephone lines electric lights and new crime fighting techniues were uickly rendering obsolete the outlaws of the wide open frontier Knowing their time was up Butch and Sundance along with a mysterious beauty named Etta Place headed to South America vowing to leave their criminal careers behind But riding the trails of Chile Arg. Butch Cassidy seated far rightThe Sundance Kid seated far leftPrior to reading The Last Outlaws about the only thing I knew about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was the romanticized version found in the movie starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford The reality is somewhat less romantic and also somewhat short on details since as you might expect criminals aren’t in the habit of broadcasting their life and crimes to the public The broad facts of their lives are known though Both Butch and Sundance were born to religious families They became ranch hands and capable cowboys before turning to horse and cattle rustling and later bank and train robbery As law enforcement techniues improved they relocated to South America to start a new life as cattle ranchers The life of crime proved irresistible however and after robbing a courier who was carrying the payroll for a silver mine they were surrounded by Bolivian officials and a gun battle ensued Neither survivedTheir legacy has endured however and The Last Outlaws perpetuates to a certain extent the image of the fun loving uick witted rapscallions who thumbed their nose at authority and lived life on their own terms Not sure if it’s just me but isn’t that rather a weird legacy for a criminal Who could you say that about today OJ Simpson Bernie Madoff Pablo EscobarI suspect part of idolization was likely due to the fact that the two were not known to have killed anyone prior to a shootout in Bolivia Part was due to their Robin Hood aura stealing from wealthy banks railroad companies and mines and part no doubt due to romanticism of the wild west Unfortunately each of these tropes is largely a myth The life of a western cowboy was far from idyllic and consisted primarily of hard work drudgery and loneliness Contrary to their public image as mischievous scalawags most members of the Wild Bunch were cold blooded killers and Butch and Sundance weren’t particularly nice people either they bludgeoned bystanders threatened lives and dynamited a railcar with someone inside when they wouldn’t open the door he survived They stole what amounted to about 10 million in today’s dollars and blew it on fast living And when cornered rather than own up to their crimes and turn themselves in they murdered a Bolivian soldier I think it’s safe to say that today’s criminals are no longer romanticized and that a modern day Butch and Sundance would be far likely to receive reprobation rather than admiration and I’d call that a form of progress Feel free to give your enlightened self a pat on the backAs to the book it was an interesting look at a time gone by that was never as glamorous as many choose to remember it