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The Peacock DetectivesThe last time William Shakespeare and Virginia went missing Cassie found them sitting on a coiled hose behind the fire station and Dad called her ‘Cassie Andersen Peacock. “Autumn by the river feels slippery and almost but not uite cold It sometimes feels dark too because in autumn we put the clocks back so when it’s five o’clock it’s really six o’clock and there’s less daylight It’s the reverse of daylight savings It is daylight spendings”The Peacock Detectives is the first novel by prize winning Australian author Carly Nugent When William Shakespeare and Virginia go missing Mr and Mrs Hudson engage the services of eleven going on twelve year old Cassie Andersen to find them William Shakespeare and Virginia are ornamental peacocks and Cassie has a reputation for being able to find lost things She notes down all her observations in her Notebook for Noticing but the birds are proving difficult to track down Cassie enlists the help of her best friend Jonas but is distracted from her investigation by things that are happening at home Mum is forever busy cooking up strange dishes from her night course; older sister Diana has gone vegetarian and is into Buddhist meditation; her Grandpa is mysteriously absent from church and tired all the time; and Dad is behaving a little strangely and seems to be filling the cupboards with little boxesCassie thinks she and Jonas make a great team because she knows stories and he knows scientific facts which he regularly shares “Did you know vultures help prevent diseases from spreading” and “Did you know Greece is one of the biggest producers of sponges” and “Did you know if a shark stops swimming it will die” Sharks are Jonas’s favourite thingsThrough it all Cassie is keeping detailed notes because Cassie is a writer and this is a story she intends to tell Dad is an English teacher and encourages her to note events and dialogue and to think about a theme But what she notes down especially about her family often leaves her with uestions than answersThis is a book some uirky characters and some very ordinary ones a bit like life really who deal with the everyday challenges that make up life Cassie is a truly likeable character with a genuinely good heart who manages to mature and gain some insight over the months it takes her to finally catch those elusive peacocks Cassie’s eleven year old voice feels authentic at times childishly naïve at times incredibly perceptiveAimed at a reading age of 9 this story covers themes of mental illness adoption marriage breakdown terminal illness bullying and friendship in a sensitive and age appropriate manner It is easy to see why this little book won the Readings Children’s Book Prize and was shortlisted for the Text Prize The illustrations by Sophie Beer are a charming enhancement to this warm and heartfelt tale that need not be limited to children This unbiased review is from an uncorrected proof copy provided by NetGalley and Text Publishing

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The Peacock Detectives Download ✓ 2 Ç The last time William Shakespeare and Virginia went missing Cassie found them sitting on a coiled hose behind the fire station and Dad called her ‘Cassie Andersen Peacock Detective’ So this time she knows what to do—she’ll look for clues and track them down But the clues lead her in an unexpectedDetective’ So this time she knows what to do she’ll look for clues and track them down But the clues lead her in an unexpected direction and Cassie finds herself investi. 45 starsThis was a charming story that revolved around family and mental health the writing was very easy going and enjoyable and I liked all the different characters It was just a lovely book that made me feel great inside

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Gating a confusing mystery about her family The Peacock Detectives is a warm and engaging story for middle grade readers about dealing with change and finding out who you ar. This is the story of a missing peaccock and peahenBut that is really a minor part of the story The author the narrator is well aware of how she wants to tell this story of a year in her life and though she tries to make it about the peacocks it really is about friendship and mean girls and unhappy fathers and her total inability to see what is going on before it happensSo even though the peacocks turned out to not be as important to the story the people who do appear in the story you do feel for Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review