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Group AUTHOR Christie TaOne of People Magazine’s Ten Best Books of Fall 2020 “Hilarious and engrossing” A Time Magazine Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2020 “Christie Tatewrites with fearless candor and vulnerability” The refreshingly original debut memoir of a guarded over achieving self lacerating young lawyer who reluctantly agrees to get psychologically and emotionally naked in a room of six complete strangers her psychotherapy group and in turn finds human connection and herselfChristie Tate had just been named the top student in her law school class and finally had her eating disorder under control Why then was she driving through Chicago fantasizing about. I love reading about other people's therapy so was fascinated by this account of unconventional group therapy and its life changing conseuences

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Erapy Christie is initially put off by Dr Rosen’s outlandish directives but as her defenses break down and she comes to trust Dr Rosen and to depend on the sessions and the prescribed nightly phone calls with various group members she begins to understand what it means to connect Group is a deliciously addictive read and with Christie as our guide skeptical of her own capacity for connection and intimacy but hopeful in spite of herself we are given a front row seat to the daring exhilarating painful and hilarious journey that is group therapy an under explored process that breaks you down and then reassembles you so that all the pieces finally f. Oh wow Five stars all the way around I know that several reviews I’ve read are stuck on the ethics of Dr Rosen and the way he chooses to practice in his group therapy but you know what It didn’t bother me I see the value in the way he makes everyone uncomfortable and let’s them feel things and get angry and work through it as a team Having a support system is so important Having a place to go every week at an exact time to keep the feeling of purpose alive in people who are struggling to feel a purpose is so important This setting works for some people and doesn’t work for others Christie made life long friends and has a support system like I’ve never seen before We could all use that from time to time This little therapy memoir made me laugh made me cry made me frustrated at times It also made me wonder if the traditional 11 therapy didn’t work for me because I crave a deeper human connection with people rather than just one therapist and me talking about coping skills Who knows All I know right now is this book was such a treat A glimpse into all of us and our weird emotional struggles and how important it is to be communicative and compassionate towards others So as uncomfortable as some parts were I think it challenged me to think outside my comfort zone and see a different perspective towards therapy and sharing intimate details of our lives with others we trust in a safe environment And about the unorthodox prescriptions that helped these people have emotional breakthroughs I loved them 1010 would recommend if you need a good humble laugh about your own mental bullshit and want to feel the messy connection with some hilariously diverse strangers in group therapy Also if you need a reminder that our mental health struggles and successes ebb and flow and that it's always going to be a cycle of figuring out how to steady ourselves and then having the rug pulled out beneath us the next day this is that reminder You're not alone and it's wonderful works of writing like this that we just need sometimes This was a treasureThank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my advanced reading copy

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Group AUTHOR Christie Tate Free read ë 4 Ü One of People Magazine’s Ten Best Books of Fall 2020 “Hilarious and engrossing” A Time Magazine Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2020 “Christie Tatewrites with fearless candor and vulnerability” The refreshingly original debut memoir of a guarded over achieving self lacerating young lawyer Her own death Why was she envisioning putting an end to the isolation and sadness that still plagued her in spite of her achievements Enter Dr Rosen a therapist who calmly assures her that if she joins one of his psychotherapy groups he can transform her life All she has to do is show up and be honest About everything her eating habits childhood sexual history etc Christie is skeptical insisting that that she is defective beyond cure But Dr Rosen issues a nine word prescription that will change everything “You don’t need a cure you need a witness” So begins her entry into the strange terrifying and ultimately life changing world of group th. I love reading advice columns and shows about people in therapy I find the way people see their own problems fascinating and I find them even fascinating when taken through another person who is there to consider and possibly disagree with the way a person sees their problems I am frustrated that I can't read a million books about people sharing their experiences in therapy But I get it Sometimes when I watchreadhear these stories I think Wow how can anyone be okay sharing this much of themselves publicly even if they're anonymized It is hard to put yourself out there to a therapist it is harder to put that conversation out there in the world This book is not one where the author is being guarded about what she presents of her life to you Not even a little And it's not a normal book about therapy either And I loved every single page I could read 100 books like this and I would be okay with at least a few of them being written by Tate herselfEven though I love stories about therapy I admit I was skeptical that the book would work Memoirs can be about too much or too little sometimes the writer has not fully grappled with something and sometimes they find themselves interesting than anyone else does All of these seemed to be potential pitfalls here But I didn't run into any of them At first I wondered if it would be enough would there be enough drama and conflict Would it be a pretty run of the mill story But of course even a run of the mill story is fascinating if you tell it the right way We learn right away that the trigger event that got Tate into therapy in her 20's was feelings of suicidal ideation after years of struggling with an eating disorder It's serious but you wonder she seems well adjusted after all she just got first in her class in law school But don't worry there is a lot to Tate that you don't see on the surface at firstThe thing is this is a seriously dramatic story full of conflict and also full of growth It delivers on every level Tate is interesting the therapy is interesting we'll get to that and it is incredibly interesting to see the actual progress of how she changes over time It helps that Tate is willing to be so open about her actions and her flaws that it verges on discomfort for the reader There are some cringe y moments but a lot of this is because Tate is never trying to defend or soften herself And I suspect the cringe is of our own defense mechanisms kicking in than anything else The therapy here is well I don't think it's an overstatement to call it nontraditional It isn't just that this is group therapy Tate's therapist isn't like any I've ever encountered before The prescriptions he gives his patients are often horrifying His actions are often horrifying The typical boundaries of therapist and patient are basically nonexistent And I suspect people who don't like this book will dislike it because of how uncomfortable they are with Tate herself and with her therapist's actions I am not a therapist and I've never had a therapist like this one and I can't say that I endorse anything that happens in this book But I can't deny the effects on Tate The group insists on a complete lack of privacy as well as a lack of confidentiality and wow did I bristle reading that and I suspect others will too Even for me a person who is far too open about herself to strangers in public it is maybe not the right way But there's no denying how it plays out in Tate's life At first it also seems like the group will be an antagonistic experience but it turns out that being totally open about yourself with strangers can help you be totally open with yourself and the people in your life I'm not going to turn around and tell you to try to replicate Tate's experience but it certainly makes for riveting reading I read this in less than a dayYou really can't deny the work Tate did that she's laid out for you here She doesn't have those flaws I see in memoir so often when someone lacks perspective on an event or isn't fully honest with themselves or has neglected to understand the repercussions of their actions Tate sure seems to see everything pretty clearly The writing is honest and clear Tate guides you through with warm openness while still being herself messy and crass and critical I have been Twitter mutuals with Tate for many years from back in our blogging days